HH Com 182

Jake Dumbrowski was a drug-dealing snitch with a penchant for strippers. He was a lousy lay too, if you believe his three ex-wives, all dancers at Doug’s Doll House. Now he's dead, and Ginny Fields, County Coroner, doesn’t think it was an accident.

Within hours Ginny is on the case and sparring with her ex-boyfriend, Sheriff Max Galyan. According to him the most likely culprits are locals who became entangled in Jake’s illegal dealings. She contends he’s wrong; he has to be – her two best friends are suspects.
Ginny spends her nights chasing down clues and days as the funeral director of Field’s Family Mortuary in the small community of Dogjaw, Indiana. The town is home to hardy pioneer stock, hillbillies, hippies, artists, and marijuana farmers, but not murderers, or so she thinks.

It’s up to Ginny and her socialite best friend, Liz, to solve the crime in order to exonerate their friends and family. Misadventure lurks around every turn as the two women careen the back roads of Indiana in a 1955 turquoise hearse in search of a desperate killer and an elusive drug kingpin.

Dogjaw, Indiana has socialites?
who knew.

This is a hook alrighty but it's a dull one: you've got every single mystery cliche here including the turquoise hearse.


Anonymous said...

A turquoise hearse has already been done? Gee--I kind of liked that!

And the dancers at Doug's Doll House made me chuckle, too.

Call me dull, too, but I'd actually give this one a two-thumbs up.

clarice snarkling said...

I'm not a regular reader of mysteries, so maybe I don't know all the cliches, but this hook gave me a good chuckle and made me want to read more. The hook's also very well structured, and I'm envious of this writer's ability to pack so much into these few paragraphs without making me feel inundated with information. Good job, writer.

Crys said...

i kind of like the name Dogjaw though. i think i'll start calling my husband that.

Hypergraphia said...

LOL - if turquoise hearse is a cliche, I'm in big trouble! I liked this one too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read lots of mysteries and I would read this one. Sounds good to me. If I read this on the jacket, I'd add it to my BUY stack.

Anonymous said...

Something about this has a Scooby Doo sound to it. Is this a YA novel with strippers?

Anonymous said...

Yup. I agree with the other comments. This seems interesting

xiqay said...

I love mysteries of all kinds, and yes, even the turquoise hearse is cliche, but this could be fun.

But I was confused about Ginny--who has friends who associate with Jake (drug-dealing snitch lowlife), making me think Ginny is on the edge of society herself. But then she has friends who are socialites, putting her front and center. Doesn't seem real, even with the suspension of disbelief I bring to these mysteries.

Loved Dogjaw, Indiana as a setting, though. And Doug's Doll House.

Hated the sheriff being Ginny's ex-boyfriend.

And hate the whole idea of coroners being detectives solving crimes (that Quincy tv show)--stupid, really, imho.

Good luck, though--you've already got a following.

Anonymous said...

I googled "turquoise hearse" and got nothing. Never heard it, so why is it a cliche? Maybe she means "absurd vehicle" is a cliche?

Anonymous said...

That's too strange. I know a Dombrowsky (one letter off) and this is his personality to a tee. I have to disqualify myself from posting an objective opinion because I'm dying to know if it's the same guy.

joetowngirl said...

Miss Snark

Although I enjoy your biting wit and your insider look at the publishing world, I judge from your ignorance that small towns like Dogjaw have socialites that you're stunted by the New York lifestyle. Out here in the real world, away from the skyscrapers and taxi cabs, you would find that every small town has their version of socialites, small town would-be royalty, the pampered daughters of appliance store owners, the postmaster's son, the doctor's twins, etc. No, they're not glittering socialites like those found on the New York scene or in a television world but their place in their society is supreme - at least to them.

It may sound like a bucolic hell to you, Miss Snark, but it's reality to many of your fellow Americans who don't live in a urban jungle.

Anonymous said...

You have my vote on this one as well. Your writing flows nicely, packing a solid punch without overwhelming the reader, and your hook seemed to hook quite a few of us. If I read that on the back flap, especially if that vintage turquiose hearse on the front cover caught my eye, this one's going home with me. It sounds fun.

Good luck!

puzzlehouse said...

This may have a lot of standard mystery elements (I don't see them as cliches), but the writing is fresh and the plot sounds fun. I think #182 sounds like s/he could do quite well. I'd pick this up in a bookstore.

Dogjaw author said...

To Anon - I totally made up the name 'Dumbrowski', so this isn't your guy. But,I think we all know a loser like him.