HH Com 206 (201)

Framed for larceny and money laundering? Until the Chief of Police came knocking, Julienne Béhar’s only concern was whether or not her fiancé would return from his medical volunteer work in Ghana before their wedding. Now she faces arrest warrants, FBI interviews, and a fake African charity.

Enter Solomon Wirth – solitary, wealthy, and disliked by pretty much everyone in Julienne’s small town. Solomon was the intended recipient of the funds Julienne is accused of stealing and should have been the first person pointing a finger her direction. Instead he forestalls her arrest, hires a PI to trace the missing funds, and takes on the FBI.

Julienne is grateful, if suspicious of his motives, and accepts his help in discovering who has framed her and why. Their search takes them deep into the history of the Béhar family and unearths choices that no one, including Julienne, wants faced today. Then her fiancé returns with his own tales of criminal accusations and FBI interrogations. To clear her name, exonerate her fiancé, and free herself from an increasing attraction to Solomon, Julienne must confront and expose the lies that have molded three generations of Béhar women.

This is a tad overwrought and unfocused. It's not very compelling because there's no antagonist.


Anonymous said...

Dog, I hope this isn't like that Shirley McClaine and what's his name (Dances with Wolves, the name escapes me) in which the guy had a history with her mother.

If the whole plot is that they are trying to uncover who's behind it, then they better be real interesting along the way.

wavybrains said...

I really like this. If Romantic Suspense is your intended genre play up the attraction more and the present danger--the three generations of women thing is a neat twist and great backstory but you need immediate danger plus powerful attraction to hook the RS reader--and you are SO close. Almost there.

jamiehall said...

There are a lot of details here building up just one plot feature: that something fishy is going on, and the police have suspicions about the MC. Once we know that much, telling us about it in more detail (instead of adding significant details that are actually new plot twists) just makes it less hook-like. I assume the main character is being framed by someone? There is no problem in coming out and saying that she discovers that someone is framing her.

xiqay said...

a "tad" overwrought!

Miss Snark now engages in understatement.