HH Com 217 (213)

After a night of three-way sex play ends in murder, Samantha Ridings winds up an unwilling witness for the prosecution of her lover. The very public trial ruins her reputation as the top pediatrician in their suburban town, and when her ex-lover is released on appeal, she finds herself not only hiding from him, but from the DA who now seeks indictment against her. This leads her into a life of false identity, botched plastic surgery and poverty. Desperate to reclaim a life worth living, she falls for a man who is not all that he appears to be, either.

What is it today with you guys and kinky sex?

You're missing the key ingrediant. Who's dead?
And you're misinformed about how the legal process works. The DA doesn't need her to get an indictment. He needs a grand jury. That's it. Why is she in hiding anyway? Wouldn't she want to clear herself? There's a plot point missing here.

And who's the bad guy? The DA? The new lover?

Yes, this is a mess, but I bet you knew that after four days reading the blog, right?


Dave said...

The best and most easily accessable courtroom drama is Billy Wilder's "Witness for the Prosecution" for the overall quirkiness of backstabbing double-crosses and plot twists. I know it's a movie but the construction of the mystery and the surprises are excellent.

The author used the title in the submission - that's why I picked up on this.

In a book, Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow is a nice place to start. Turow's characters give authentic courtroom speeches and supply lots of wild and crazy antics.

Stick and move said...

I guess I'm commenting on the plot rather than the hook, but I find it difficult to feel sympathy for the protag, who appears to be a dim-witted nymphomaniac. Not that I don't like to spend a weekend with one every now and then, I just don't think I'll find her story all that compelling. I'm probably not part of the target demographic, though, being a lesbian trapped in a man's body and all.

wavybrains said...

You can't be tried twice for the same crime. If the killer was convicted, the DA no longer needs her. If he's released because his appeal was granted, he's released for good. The DA needs a reason to suddenly take interest in her--if the evidence pointed that way she would have been charged at the time. Why doesn't she have a defense attorney? Even if she's penniless now, she'd be assigned a public defender. You need a good understanding of basic criminal law. Findlaw, a community college class, interviewing an actual DA, reading up on the subject are all good options to consider before you tackle this topic on revisions. You don't need to be a lawyer or a cop to tackle this genre, but you are going to need to make self-education a priority. Good luck.

HawkOwl said...

Oh, I remember this one. 2YN, right?

Anonymous said...

A second destructive tryst is too much. If she's just going to run off and get mixed up with another creep we figure -- nope, don't want anyone that idiotic practicing medicine and she's probably better off in jail.

thraesja said...

I think the ex-lover was convicted, then released on appeal, possibly due to new evidence. If the DA now thinks he was innocent, he'd be sniffing around after Samantha. Perhaps the DA needs more evidence before seeking an indictment, which is why he wants to talk to her before going to the grand jury? If that is the case, then I think the author's use of the judicial systme is not as off as some of you think.

I also think a little three-way sex does not automatically make you a dim-witted nymphomaniac. Especially if you're an MD high on the town totem pole.

However, we need to be told why Samantha chooses to run instead of trying to clear her name. If the evidence is indeed too much to fight, then the DA would have gone straight to the grand jury rather than searching for her first. And how is she going to reclaim her life? Even if she is found not guilty in the end, the scandal is too much for a pediatrician to overcome. A neurosurgeon might manage, but no one will take their children to see her, I imagine. She needs a new town, at the very least. If she stays in hiding under a new identity, it'll be difficult to get a job as a doctor with no credentials.

Botched plastic surgery is a tough sell as she is a doctor herself and surely could have found someone with skill, even if it was done illegally.