HH Com 253 (250)

Torn between an intense infatuation with the mysterious woman who's been following him and a genuine affection for his imaginary high school sweetheart, things are already going downhill for Jonathon Derrick. But when the mystery woman's ex-boyfriend is found dead, the latest victim of a brutal murderer, Jonathon's situation gets much worse. Now he must somehow unlock the past secrets of a psychotic stalker and a jealous figment of his own imagination before he is mistakenly identified as a serial killer.

No specifics here to hook us. I love "genuine affection for his imaginary his sweetheart" though, so I have hope you can revitalize this.

Use the hook formula I've posted elsewhere #239l). Then garnish as needed.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a memoir.

Anonymous said...

Is his imaginary sweetheart killing people? If so, why the ex of the girl who's stalking him? This reminded me of that X-Files episode where a guy had a tattoo of a sexy girl who got jealous of real-life girls he liked and talked him into killing them. Which is a fun plot, but I can't tell from the hook if you're going in a paranormal direction or if it's a straight mystery. Can you reveal a little more without ruining the suspense?