HH Com 261 (258)

n a story that straddles two cultures, three women with a shared childhood confront their entangled lives. At the beginning of a chaotic harvest season, migrant worker Dolores Sanchez returns with her family to pick Bing cherries on the Jacobsen’s ranch in eastern Washington. She carries a secret—kept even from her husband—that threatens to undermine her marriage and her family’s livelihood on the ranch. When Kate Jacobsen, la Jefe, the boss, refuses to let her recently diagnosed multiple sclerosis keep her from the work she loves, she causes a series of accidents that exposes Dolores’s secret. Kate feels compelled to flee from everything she loves—her husband and daughter and the orchard. Her sister, Olivia, reluctantly home for the harvest to help Kate, is left to question everything she believes to be true about herself and her family. Uneven Ground explores conflicts of race, class and gender in an American farming community, illuminating the nature of work, misuse of power, limitations of non-citizenship, and potency of forgiveness.

Well, you're going to need something a lot more specific to hook me. What's the problem? Kate has MS and makes a hash of the harvest? So? And "questions everything she believes to be true about herself" is just blather of the worst sort.

You might have a good story here but you need to be clear about what it is.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, this is one I'd love to read, but MS is right, I'd have to know the conflict up front. Is this a series of abuses by the boss on an illegal imigrant? I know that happens, and you may as well come out and parade it in the hook. If it's just three ladies qubbling and then helping each other, something like Steel Magnolias, then it probably needs to be a comedy, otherwise, you'll be ticking people off before they even open the book.