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In the rigid class hierarchy of Veyle, an Untalent sits at the bottom: discarded, unclean, a stain on a family's honour.

As an Untalent, 17-year-old Saroya is barred from Veyle’s Guilds; the most she can look forward to is bigotry and servitude, or a harsh life in the mines. Saroya will do anything to escape the shame of Untalent and be worthy of the father who cast her aside.

Untalented is a 61,000 word young adult fantasy, set in the medieval kingdom of Veyle. Abandoned as an infant, Saroya sets out to find the father she’s never known. When a deathbed confession reveals Saroya’s true identity to Loric, the Queen’s brother-in-law, he schemes to use Saroya to further his own ambitions for the throne. But Saroya’s own discovery of her veiled pedigree threatens to destroy her last shreds of self-confidence and ruin the father she longs to meet. The fate of a kingdom hangs on whether Saroya can find the strength to be
true to herself.

Moving from sleepy valleys to the bustling canal-city capital, set against a backdrop of class intolerance and family intrigue, Untalented follows Saroya’s struggles against prejudice and family betrayal, until she must confront a choice and destiny she could not have foreseen.

The fate of a kingdom rests on an adolescent developing self-confidence? We ARE doomed.

You're going to need a fire breathing poodle or a hairdresser using a machete to cut hair or something other than the usual lost princess routine here.

Feel free to invent wild ass things; that's why they don't shelve this stuff in non-fiction.


Anonymous said...

This isn't a genre I read, but you hooked me. Good writing and an interesting protagonist with clear stakes.

Virginia Miss said...

This looked interesting, if I saw it on a book jacket I'd peek inside to read the first page.

Anonymous said...

I'd check out this book, too. A story doesn't have to have vampires and witches and psychics (oh, my) to be interesting.

author said...

Thank you for the kind comments.

And thank you Miss Snark for the critique. I tip my hat and offer a martini for the enormous amount of effort being put into the CoM.

The book is a "quieter" fantasy; there's not a whole lot of traditional fantasy elements about it. The snarking showed me the hook is not conveying what's original about it and I've already written a better hook (hopefully).

Happy Holidays to all!

PS: My 20lb celebrity Maine Coon cat (himself a published author in a German pet fetish magazine), has an extra set of leather paraphernalia, wax and shearing implements. He tells KY he'll even supply the fire. And the jelly.