HH Com 315

January, 4128: Humanity has finally escaped our solar system for new homes across the galaxy. Their exodus rides on Dark Energy Theory, a bleeding-edge science that harnesses the universe's most abundant--and dangerous--resource.

Aboard S.S. Anatali, Lillian, a prototype Artificial Lifeform, embarks on a midnight crusade to save her roommate from academic expulsion. When her meddling triggers a hacker's security virus, her school's dormitories are thrown into bedlam. She and her friends have no choice but to run a gauntlet of student riots, corrupt cops, undead assailants, online gaming, a love hexagon, and baking--yes, baking. What Lillian doesn't realize is that she's trapped center stage as the truth about Dark Energy Theory and her own mysterious design collide.

ANATALI: ETERNAL is a 98,000 word science fiction novel that blends paranormal and satire. I use my website, www.anatali.com, as a forum for short stories and new content, and as a device for building an online community around my project. Thank you for your time.

Antagonist? Stakes?
Even if you escape the solar system, you still have to deal with Miss Snark to escape the slush.


Anonymous said...

Just curious - if humanity is escaping, and finding new homes across the galaxy... how come it is an artificial lifeform that is doing the traveling?
Does humanity fit in somewhere, other than your opening sentence?

j h woodyatt said...

"Antagonist? Stakes?"

Aside from those minor problems, this sounds promising. I'm guessing that anybody who can make baking, yes— baking into a peril, can come up with a truly loopy antagonist and make the stakes sufficiently interesting. It'd be nice to see that in the hook.

Aarin said...

Thank you, Miss Snark, for your thoughts and attention.

I can see where omitting those would be a problem. The stakes and antagonists shift a lot, with the big-bad being a cliche among cliche's. For me, the only problem with writing genre satire, is it's hard to make it look promising without 'making presumptions about the novel.'

I'll work on it, keeping your formula mind, and adding more quirky voice.

Anon - Sure. Anatali Station carries 38 million (human) passengers. She just happens to be the face of the cast and focus of the novel.