HH Com 332

Bob Sheppard is thirty-four and still waiting for his life to get back on track. He lives a solitary life in the rural Norfolk town in which he was born, and works at a job that isn't what he wants to do with his life. Little does he know that the tiny dog training school he runs in his spare time is about to change his life forever. Love sometimes comes from unexpected quarters, for Rob it blossoms when he's accused of an arson attack he didn't commit - this time.

HEEL is a novel, complete at 85,000 words. It follows the progress of Rob's latest intake of beginners: The Cromwells who are in need of marriage guidance far more than of dog classes, Nick and Laura whose dog is trying his best to break them up, Sara who hopes to snare the
perfect man with her perfect pooch, and Jeremy Wallace, possibly the last man on earth Rob would have expected to fall for.

When Trevor Cromwell's business burns to the ground Rob's past comes back to haunt him. Twenty years ago he went to borstal for setting his father's barn on fire, and his life fell apart. Can he hang on to his newfound friends when Trevor claims to have seen him at the scene of
the blaze?

You've got the ingrediants of a good story here. I detest phrases like: "little did he know" and "comes back to haunt him" so you'd have to be showing me GREAT writing on the first pages to make me confident these were an anomaly of cliche and crap writiting.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, this sounds interesting. I had to look up "borstal" -- I learned a new word.

Virginia Miss said...

I liked the way you ended the first paragraph.

If you query American agents, be aware that borstal isn't commonly understood on our side of the pond.

this looks like it has promise. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Bob or Rob?

Anonymous said...

It's Rob (and um, I wasn't going to be impolite enough to say anything, given how much work is going into this, but the typo isn't mine!).

Thanks to anonymous, and virginia miss for their encouraging words. It's quite an English book, and I have to confess I hadn't even considered de-Britifying the hook.

I'm getting pretty nervous about the pages now!