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Every parent’s worst nightmare is one man’s only dream.

What if a victim went willingly with her kidnapper because she’d fallen in love with his persona in the anonymous reality of the internet?

THANK HEAVEN is a 67,000-word suspense-thriller following Richard Tipton as he is pursued across the eastern seaboard after kidnapping a twelve-year-old girl he lured into an online romance.

Detailing his past as well as his present, THANK HEAVEN immerses the reader in the mind of a child molester, exploring the psychotic break that leads Richard to impersonate a fifteen-year-old in order to seduce a young girl. Melanie Andrews, naïve and trusting, covers her tracks as she goes to meet the boy with whom she’s fallen in love, causing the authorities to consider her a runaway. Two FBI agents, a divorced veteran struggling to ignore his growing feelings for a material witness and an inexperienced rookie convinced that Melanie is more than just another rebellious teen (she's not a teen if she's 12) , work twenty-four hours a day to find her before it’s too late.

I'm not much interested in a psychotic child molester. You might want to paint him in slightly less inflammatory language if you want us to have some sympathy for him as the main character---no mean task in and of itself.

This topic has been done to death now, so absent some new and fresh twist, it's toast.

and what does "too late" mean?


Zany Mom said...

As the mother of a 12-yr-old girl I find this disturbing and would find it hard to be sympathetic to a pedophile.

That said, my 12-yr-old isn't even remotely interested in boys yet (thank goodness!).

Not sure I could read this unless the protags were the cops on the trail of the pedophile to lock his sorry arse in jail for good.

wavybrains said...

Make the FBI Agent love story the center--and you might have something. You might also have a Catherine Coulter novel, so you'd want to bring something new--but if the majority of your book is the child molester--you might want to consider writing a "true crime" book or something of that ilk. There's a market for that, but you're going to have to work hard to find it--not many people want to spend a lot of time in the head of a child molester, especially not a fictional one.

Anonymous said...

What if a victim went willingly with her kidnapper because she’d fallen in love with his persona in the anonymous reality of the internet?

Gee, what if? Like that hasn't happened a million times already.

Anonymous said...

Gonna be pretty tough to even get a whiff of sympathy for this guy. I'll forgive drug dealers and killers before pedophiles. It may be a well written story, but you're probably going to have to make him a petty criminal for me to even think about picking up the book.

Marva said...

zany mom: SOME 12-yrs-olds aren't interested in boys yet. I'm sorry to have to tell you but some 10-yr-olds are interested in boys. Don't have blinders on.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much interested in sentences with nightmare grammar. The first sentence alone is missing two apostrophes.

Angus Weeks said...

Do you mean he's a psychopath? He doesn't sound psychotic to me, but a psychopath/sociopath.

Psychopath - someone who thinks laws don't apply to them, who doesn't have a conscience, who has a very elevated ego. capable of great charm. Ted Bundy, for example.

psychotic - someone who has lost touch with reality, manifested in delusions and hallucinations. often can't string a coherent sentence together.

I'd suggest you mean psychopath.

Writerious said...

There's a more interesting twist on the "young teen falls for the false persona of some internet perv" tale on Perverted Justice website:


Where the perv shows up for his midnight tryst, condoms in hand, and finds the "young teen" is a guy built like a linebacker, backed by cops and news cameras. Busted!

Zany Mom said...

Dateline was doing stings for a while, too. Guys thought they were meeting 13-14 yr old girls. They met the Dateline guy, then the cops.

No blinders here, Marva. Just a decent kid with a good head on her shoulders. I'm sure boys are just around the corner, though.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this (because this board is full of unpub'd writers), but I'll pick up a Jonathan Kellerman or a Jeffery Deaver that has partial insight into the mind of a killer or rapist. That's because I know their writing, I know their background, and I know they deliver superb entertainment and writing.

I would never, ever buy a book about a pedophile by a new author. I might be alone there, but I read books like this often, and not even a good blurb could convince me.