HH Com 346

Dexter McCray is a mentally unstable farmer who awakens from an alcoholic blackout to discover the body of a teenage girl in his cornfield. In order to prove his innocence, he must find out who is responsible and fast, because if the police find her, all eyes will focus on him; after all, everyone in town knows he’s killed before.

this plot is so old it voted for Grover Cleveland..twice.
You mention he's mentally unstable. Is there a reason that's important?
How long do you think she can lie in the cornfield before someone notices?

You need more here.


Anonymous said...

Wait wait, let me guess: unreliable narrator? The twist at the end is that the farmer really did kill the girl?

Anonymous said...

this plot is so old it voted for Grover Cleveland..twice

Hee. I'm going to add this one to my repertoire along with this plot is so old it owes Moses two dollars.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its the cold medication, or maybe its the booze, but I'm trying to figure out how having a dead body in his cornfield is at all incriminating. Because all sorts of things go on in cornfields that farmers aren't responsible for. In my neck of the woods, for example, it is not unusual for someone to go in and yank up some of the corn in order to plant marijuana, no one blames the farmer for this. They're often seen as the victim for loosing part of their livelihood.

In other words, there should be some other reason to link the girl with the protag. Were they seen together? Does he know her? Etc. Otherwise, she's just a dead body in a cornfield.