HH Com 353

“In my line of work, there are times when I discover things I can’t explain in places they ought not to be.” So says British maritime archaeologist Dr. Amanda Cheswick, who has just unearthed a 200-year-old mystery under the wreck of a Royal Navy warship.

“It will take back the seas from the British.” So says René Lacombe, the young French builder of a revolutionary ship that in 1808 will strike the first blow in a new kind of warfare. Unfortunately for him, the wealthy widow he’s speaking to is really a British spy.

Separated by 200 years, Amanda’s and René’s lives collide 35 feet under the Bay of Marseille in parallel stories of then and now in SWIFTSURE, a novel of intrigue and discovery set in the worlds of Napoleonic France and modern maritime archaeology. Their stories intersect over two eras in the wreck-strewn waters of the French Mediterranean coast.

René fights betrayal, sabotage and murder to make Liberté, his crowning achievement, ready to challenge the 19th Century’s most powerful navy. Shadowed by the spies of two nations and harried by the Emperor's government, Lacombe seeks solace from the one person he shouldn't -- the lovely widow who may be leading him to a bad end...

With the clock ticking down to the time when dredges will destroy the wreck site forever, Amanda struggles against modern-day official treachery and harassment to uncover the most important underwater archaeological artifact in a generation -- and to rewrite a chapter of history.

You've got a nifty problem trying to write a hook for two separate stories divided by 200 years. You obviously have to link them yet make each compelling. You don't do that here.

I advise writing a hook for each story, then figuring out how to connect them up. The 250 word limit here strangled any chance you had to do that.


Anonymous said...

Read David Payne's latest- the wonderful Back to Wando Passo. A great example of two linked stories happening in different centuries.

Anonymous said...

Roger Zheliazny has two plot lines divided by centuries in "The Mask of Loky" (or some variation of the name. I read it in Russian, so I am not sure).

Ski said...

This is a coooooollll premise. If you can pull this off it would be wonderful...well, at least to you and me. Good Luck.