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She left the baby in the cab and ran. Instinct carried her down the grassy ditch of the busy highway. Her mind was dark and puzzled. At that moment, she did not know her name.

Parts of an Arch chronicles Creel Bonaventure’s journey to craziness and back. It started with a car crash which killed her husband and their five children. Pregnant, spiritually abandoned and left behind, she never saw the breakdown coming.

A decade later, an anchor-less university student, Carson Lee, is on a sojourn of her own when she encounters the Bonaventure’s history while researching her thesis. Her future gets mixed up with the broken family, as she stumbles into a relationship with Creel’s brother-in-law.

Stone arches are three-dimensional, and so is this rural Louisiana tale told in 79,000 words. The story belongs to all of them: Creel, Carson and the abandoned child. This child, Zander Stewart, is adopted by the man who befriended Creel when she began to unravel. If he could have coffee with you, Zander Stewart might tell you he lived an un-wrecked life beyond the history of his family’s loss. Or would he?

He’ll face his past soon enough, and Creel will have to answer for her actions. Carson, too, will have to deal with her own part in the story – by finding love she benefited from the Bonaventure’s tragedy. Her romance sets events in motion that will reunite the lost son and mother.

This isn't a hook, it's a jambalaya of description. You've got the same problem that the two stories divided by 200 years post did: 250 isn't goinig to let you do justice to this. Write a hook for all three characters. Then see how you can make it into one.

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Virginia Miss said...

Some good writing in here, I especially liked the first paragraph. Good luck.