HH Com 378

A magical mystery tour: that's how Gail Sheridan remembers her early childhood--the years immortalized in her father's best-selling children's books, the years before he stopped loving her. And that's how she remembers the year with her first love, Johnny, the lead singer of the last great sixties band, Dropping Slow.

Hours after she walked out on Johnny--after drawing the line against the no-limits sex and drugs so prevalent in the rock and roll world of the sixties--her estranged father unexpectedly died. Twenty years later he crashes into her present in the form of a recently discovered note and six stunning illustrations that will set their long-overdue reconciliation in motion.

Using the illustrations to piece together the tragic family secret that turned her father against her, Gail returns to her childhood home. The cross-country trip expands to include a reunion with Johnny that forces her to choose between the love she so desperately wants and her growing sense of independence. Her decision--and Johnny's reaction--collide with the heartbreaking revelations from her childhood and culminate in a confrontation high on a Sierra trail. Gail must face her father's anger--and her own--and learn that betrayal and grief and love are not mutually exclusive.

This is a sort of synopsis.
It's not a hook.

Start with the discovery of the drawings, that's the most compelling thing. All that backstory gets in the way of being focused and specific.


Southern Writer said...

I liked it a lot. I'd definitely read it. I want to know what's in the drawings that rocks her world.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it sounds interesting, if I knew more. So far I seem to like what Miss Snark doesn't like.