HH Com 383

The greatest concert of all time is coming up, but most people on earth don't even know about it. The organizers have never met life forms like earthlings, and don't know how to go about publicizing the event. They elect an intergalactic committee to design an advertising campaign that will take Earth by storm.

Isilgon Trumpeter and Bandi Footflower are the two best artists in the known universe, and they are both on the committee. But they also hate each other, ever since Isilgon broke Bandi's favorite photon-brush while trying to paint a portrait of the Queen of Tachyon.

Will the two great artists be able to overcome their galactic-sized differences to come up with a mesmerizing ad campaign? Will the people of Earth realize that the greatest concert of all time is coming to town? And the greatest question of them all: what makes this concert the greatest one of all time?

Well, cause it's Elvis of course.

This is just the kind of off beat whacko stuff that, done right, is hilarious. Done wrong it's painful.


BernardL said...

Does that mean we get to see a few pages? :)

Anonymous said...

:Editor puts it back in the envelope and reaches for his Douglas Adams collection with a happy sigh.:

Anonymous said...

Douglas Adams much??

Don said...

When I was in high school, courtesy of the TV series getting on PBS, I saw a lot of second-rate Douglas Adams. This is in that category, I think. But at least it isn't imitation Dave Barry (which ran rampant during my college years).

Funny is hard. Damned hard.

Virginia Miss said...

Is this like a Garland and Rooney "Let's put on a show" story, only with aliens?

jamiehall said...

Do the earthlings mistake the advertising campaign for an invasion? Because that would be funny.

Anonymous said...

If they're aliens, why do they have hippie names?