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What do you do when you've spent your entire life in an ivory tower--literally? Princess Arabella was locked in a tower to protect her from a mysterious curse put on her when she was a baby. Her only relief from boredom is a book of fairy tales, which contains useful pieces of information such as how to use your hair to escape from a high tower. Arabella is tired of waiting for her prince to come, so she cuts her hair, escapes, and sets out to find the evil fairy who cursed her.

Relying heavily on her book of fairy tales, and accompanied by her tamed crow, Arabella discovers that to break her curse she must first find the Fountain of Truth. But relying on fairy tales can lead you into trouble, and her book offers her no help when she is trapped by a
persistent prince who follows the rules of fairy tales even more meticulously than Arabella does. Before she can finish her quest, Arabella must discover that some answers just cannot be found in books...

This reminds me of one of those cliffhangers from the 20s. "Miss Arabella is trapped in an ivory tower; there's no chance for escape"...tune in tommorrow! followed by "As Miss Arabella turned her back on the iveroy tower after her escape"...and we're left dangling with disappointment about how the escape happened.

Your hook starts with the escape. And we need to know who locked her in, and wha the curse is.

there've been a lot of these fractured fairy tales coming in since Wicked made a mint so you're going to have to do something really spectacular to get my attention.


Stacia said...

Oh, I think this could be fun, if Arabella and the Prince both keep checking their respective fairy tale books and having conversations about how "this tale says we should do x".

Inkwolf said...

Reminds me of the chick in Ruddigore who lives by the etiquette manual that's the only thing her mother left to her.

It was funny then, this could be funny now.

Anonymous said...

Well, I had a pretty good idea that I had been too vague long before Miss Snark got to me... Ironically, though, I thought if I put in all the stuff about the curse and the tower, it would be considered too much backstory. (All that info was in the dreaded prologue, naturally.)

inkwolf: Hm. Ruddigore is one of my favorite G&S shows. I'm often caught singing Rose's book song while I'm doing dishes. I'd never made a conscious connection between the two "live by the book" attitudes before, though. I am now wondering if it wasn't an unconscious influence. Cool.

Camille Alexa said...

#391 author-
Classic fairy tales were ubiquitous for so many of us growing up, I think there's plenty of room for more exploration of such. I like the possible implications of this line:

"persistent prince who follows the rules of fairy tales even more meticulously than Arabella does..."

And may I recommend Red As Blood: Or, Tales From the Sisters Grimmer by Tanith Lee?