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Patrice Simone just saw her tag team partner die, splattered on the concrete floor of Madison Square Garden. In addition to paying exorbitant alimony to her drug addict ex-husband, Patrice is also being stalked by a crazy fan, involved with a love sick wrestler, whom no one outside of the main office has seen without his mask on, and she's just been "put over" to become the USA Wrestling Champion to capitalize on her friend's death. She'd tell the executives to cram it if she didn't have a kid to feed and a crazy mother to bail out of jail. Because of the publicity, the cops refuse to take her seriously when she thinks there's more to the accident than a botched harness buckle. The novel DARK MATCH shows the inside world of wrestling entertainment as a backdrop to a single mom's struggle to maintain a career, her sanity, and a semblance of a love life while avoiding professional jealousies and a possible murderer.

This is a great idea. I'd read this even though this hook is a mess and the writing isn't as vivid and vigorous as I'd look for.

Use the hook formula to get all your ducks in a row. Then slap them onto the mat in your own personal style.


Luc2 said...

This is such an original setting, I'm glad we're getting to see pages.

Nice job!

angie said...

I love how you've taken expectations and turned them on their heads - a female wrestler who has to pay alimony to her loser ex? That's really interesting. This is a book I'd look at for more than a few seconds.

I would suggest breaking up the paragraph, though. Two or three shorter paras would make it easier to read through w/o getting lost in gray text.

Anonymous said...

You pretty much can't go wrong with cage-fighting chicks.

Are there pictures?

Inkwolf said...

Wow! The whole thing sounds so atypical that I'm drawn to it. Good work coming up with such an unusual venue for your mystery!

heidi said...

I've never heard of a book about a female wrestling star.

This is good, because it means it's a fresh and original idea (at least, to me).

shannon said...

Wow, I had no idea she was a wrestler until I read the comments, I was actually really confused by all the references! But that's just me, cause I hate wrestling and don't watch it and so don't know the "lingo".

This wouldn't, and doesn't, interest me, but the comment about women fighting in cages and asking for pictures seemed a bit, ah, gratuitous and sleazy.
Calm down mate, it's fiction, not porn.

Virginia Miss said...

I have what's probably a stupid question: what's a tag team partner?

Anonymous said...

Simply due to my intense dislike for "professional wrestling", I'd never pick this up, but I have to confess that the idea is very original and I have a few friends that would probably love the wrestling theme.

~Nancy said...

Hopefully, this won't be a double post.

Virginia Miss,

Wikipedia is your friend :-):


(I thought I knew what the term meant in wrestling, but I thought a Wikipedia entry would do a much better job of it.)

Interesting venue for a mystery. I'm not really into wrestling, but I think I'd at least read the first couple of pages to see if it held my interest.