HH Com 446

Ricky Rain is the rapper you never heard of, on an indy label that hasn't offered him another album option, whose radio play count equals zero—and now he's a rapper who's lost his words. Carolyn Coffman is the women's empowerment author you've seen on every talk show, whose
name rides the top of the bestseller lists—and who carries a guilty secret buried in her iPod.

Rick's old friend Guillotine, who's about to earn a Billboard bullet, brought Rick to New York to spit one verse on the Late Show, and his only hope is that the appearance might salvage his dying career. But the backstage run-in with Carolyn could cause him to finally unearth
the origin of his writer's block, if she stops fighting him off long enough to hear him. In the clash of race and class—and attitude—Carolyn knows the only thing she and Rick share is the
chemistry she's been warning women about for months. When Rick stops tossing punchlines and innuendo long enough to say something real, the resulting composition first takes the form of a deeply private love…then a very public scandal.

With a supporting cast of characters who reflect the nuances of today's world, Nobody's Hero is the fast-talking story of two Ohio natives whose accidental collision in Manhattan changes their dreams forever.

The best thing about this is "Guillotine" and I'm hiring him to record the agency theme song. Video to follow of course.

This is a very old story dressed up in modern stereotypes. You don't know much about hiphop if you think radio play is what matters. And I certainly hope that by saying this is a clash of race and class you mean Ricky Rain is white trash and Carolyn is a black urban professional. You wouldn't want me to assume anything else would you?


Anonymous said...

Usually the clash of race and class has no winner and that will work against you.

I've read every post and I think this is the first one that compels me to say shelve this and start over.

good luck.

aries said...

This hook should have gotten MS's 'this is a mess' label. The allusion to Carolyn's "guilty secret buried in her iPod" (!) is distracting. Focus more on Ricky and Carolyn's differences, especially with regard to class. We focus so much on race in this country that we ignore how much influence class exerts on the national psyche. This is probably the most interesting part of your novel, not the secret Carolyn is hiding.

Kiki said...

While I like books that address class/race issues, this hook didn't seem to get beyond the cliched and expected.
I also really, really dislike "When Rick stops tossing punchlines and innuendo long enough to say something real". Either he's an idiot, or the POV character is patronising. Either way, it's an unappealing prospect.

writtenwyrdd said...

I could be completely off base here, but the query hook sounded like a white street-wannabe was writing it. Someone who got all their knowledge of what's ghetto from television but who grew up in the burbs.

And if I, a middle-aged white gal who lives in the country, could think this, you have a problem with your Voice.

The Voice so put me off I wouldn't have passed this either.

Jen said...

Jeez, people have such strong opinions. I think it sounds like a good read!