HH Com 477

108,000 words

How would you get someone to kill for you? Greed and fear are useful pressure points. Love is another. Now imagine possessing a drug that can duplicate any emotion, a drug capable of rewiring -- and reprogramming -- any brain.
That is the Ramsay Drug.
One big problem: the Ramsay Drug is a scientific impossibility. Researchers and academics around the world are unanimous about this. No one, no computer, could map the vast number of neural circuits to be altered. And even if possible, no brain could withstand such massive rewiring. The inescapable side-effect of the drug is death.
Richard Bowen knows better. He has developed a preliminary version and uses it to create a private army, men who trade their free will for bliss. Early death means nothing to them. They will die for Bowen – and kill for him.
Bowen will enslave the world. He dreams of Bentleys and Gulfstream Vs and 400-foot yachts and private Greek islands. He dreams of untouchable power. With his personal army, he betrays two drug lords, tracks down rivals and enemies, and begins to settle long-standing scores.
His treachery exposes him to groups on both sides of the law, and they hunt him across continents, from southern California to Oxford, England. But the threat only amuses Bowen. The fools don’t understand. The Ramsay Drug makes him invincible.

That's a set up not a hook. Bowen wants absolute power and to enslave the world ...why? Does he think it's the only way he'll get laid?

Meglomaniacal villains are boring. If this guy is your anti hero it will help if he's something other than one dimensional.


Dave said...

I hate to ask a realy stupid questions but is this Ramsay a cook? ala Gordon

Terry said...


James Pemberton Ramsay was not a cook but a neuroscientist (holder of the Boyle-Hooke Professorship in the Natural Sciences at Oxford University). Both man and chair are fiction, of course. Until your comment and a quick google I had never come across Gordon Ramsay, who has a real link to Oxford.