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The U-Bend of the Universe

Griffin has always been an average kid. But with Mom being a lawyer, Dad a doctor, and his brother Charles on his way to becoming both, average is the same thing as damaged in the Anderson family. But while Charles is showing off his new BMW convertible at his graduation party, an Amish lady falls from the sky and screams, "Kro, he cometh. Run!" Soon after, fifty Amish people take the breakfast buffet at Big Boy's hostage and get arrested. Griffin saves one of them and discovers that the Amish are really from the lost colony of Roanoke, and that he lives in one of the u-bends of the universe. People who disappear in the "real world" appear in the u-bend without memories of who they were. But a stranger's presence is making everyone remember. Charles turns out to be Charles E. Bolles, a.k.a. "Black Bart." Grammy is really Amelia Earhart. Bella, Griffin's girlfriend, is Agatha Christie and Griffin...well, he turns out to be an average plumber. Griffin, Grammy, and Bella must choose between returning to their previous lives or keeping some of the world's worst criminals locked in the u-bend with them and forgetting who they are forever.

The U-Bend of the Universe is a novel for young adults. It is a fantasy with elements of humor and mild horror.

Pare down to the basics:
Griffin finds out he lives at a bend in the universe: the place everyone ends up if they "dissappear from earth". The trip erases their memory. One day the lost colony at Roanoke shows up and suddenly everyone remembers (insert that stuff about who's who).

Then tell us why the lost colony of roanoke is showing up AFTER Amelia Earhart.

Then tell us who the stranger is.


skybluepinkrose said...

I love how inventive the MG and YA novels are.

Super idea here. The title and the first two sentences are a riot. I'd love to know who Mom, Dad and Charles were in their previous lives. Since the Amish are such gracious people who keep a low profile, though, I struggle a bit with the buffet takeover.

A Paperback Writer said...

Uh, well, the hook isn't very good, but I really like your idea.
Keep working with it, author!

Anonymous said...

The author must mean the people are only mistaken for Amish because that's the only explanation a modern person would have if seeing someone dressed anachronistically. "Cometh" spoken by an Amish person just doesn't make sense, since their accent is, of course, Germanic, not olde English. But that eliminates the pacifist issues at the buffet, if they're not really Amish.

Virginia Miss said...

This doesn't look like the same old, same old. It also looks like the kind of stuff kids love. Take Miss Snark's advice and you're sure to hook an agent with this.

blogless_troll said...

I agree with virginia miss. This is something I would read.

writtenwyrdd said...

I think a mixture of "Amish" and, say, Mongol horde members might make it clear, lol.

Seriously, this is an interesting premise, but the conflict is missing. Keep at it, this could sell.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'd read this in a second!

...dave conifer

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the encouragement. I appreciate the help I got from Miss Snark, but I couldn't tell if she thought the idea was promising or not.

Heidi the Hick said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

If you're going to write about the Amish you better know what they hell you're talking about. They may not care, and the rest of the modern world may not know the difference, but, uh, I will.

The use of "cometh" is ridiculous because the Amish don't use old English as previously noted; specifically they speak a german dialect. It's these details that can ruin a book.

So get it right. Please. Or I'll go all pacifist on you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can see that I need to make things clearer. They're not really Amish. They appear to be Amish to the main character at first glance, but they're actually from the lost colony of Roanoke, which is why the lady speaks that way. But the fact that some people are confused is a good indication that I need to change it a bit.