HH Com 491

Marianna Carina Abaldon is not your ordinary princess. The only daughter of the King of Kygystan, a small, landlocked nation torn by internal strife and threatened by neighboring countries, Mari's is determined not to burden her ailing father with the threats she's received, so she demands that bodyguard Boone Sinclair teach her everything he knows. But that might include learning more than she's bargained for.

Boone Sinclair is good at what he does. His job is to protect the royal family. His job does not include teaching one pampered, spoiled princess how to rappel down a mountain or blow up a building. But when Mari is almost kidnapped in spite of his diligence, he can’t turn his back on her plea for help.

Will Mari find a way to soften his heart even as he teaches her to kick some serious ass?

This is the premise of the novel. Now tell us about the novel.


Anonymous said...

If you're talking about Kyrgystan,it doesn't have a king and never did. If your country is imaginary, it needs a new name (one that doesn't look so much like Kyrgystan).

Virginia Miss said...

I like the situation, but this is too thin on plot. Actually, you've given us no plot, only a hint of a romance. Nice writing and attitude, though (not your ordinary pricess, kick some serious ass). Good luck.

Anonymous said...

We have Marianna Carina Abaldon, Princess of Kygystan, and Boone Sinclair? Unless that discrepency is explained, the names should at least sound like they came from the same general are, not one from Fictional Vaguely Arabic/Spanish Country and the other from Yuppie 80's New York.

ghostmommylady said...

This also sounds a lot like Nora Roberts' "Affaire Royale" and far too many other romance novels I've read. Not that I'm a big romance fan, but if even a novice romance reader like me can come up with more than one book this vague plot sounds like then you need to not only flesh it out more...you need to do something interesting with it to make us want to pick it up and read it.