HH COM 494

Miss Snark,
Here is my hook for my short story "Bully." It is ok to post this on the blog.

Little Bradley has learned a lot from his father... perhaps too much. When he begins to show off what he has learned, he will have to suffer the consequences. Are those consequences too great, though?

You don't need a hook for a short story as far as I know. If I'm sending these things out I just give the word count, title, author, pub credits, and my reaction to it: "it scared the crap outta me"/"Killer Yapp had to revive me after I fell on the floor laughing"/"Grandmother Snark read it to her spelunking group and they all loved it" kind of thing.



I Said said...

I would say you do need a hook for a short story--very, very brief and truly hookful. This isn't though; it is too vague about a kid learning something (?) and that something maybe causing problems. That's not enticing, it's just ordinary and says nothing. After all, if you're sending this to lit journals or magazines, someone will still need to read the story--and you've got to make them want to read beyond the first page.

Ryan Field said...

Oh yes, you need a hook for a short story.