HH Com 495

In the dark fantasy Stray, Healer Feisal is framed for a brutal murder after he rescues Orossy, a male cross-dresser in the run from an obsessive patron. Stripped of his psychic healing talents as punishment, Feisal must find a way to clear his name and help Orossy with his other problems: headaches, memory loss, and the frightening realization that Orossy's sexy female alter ego may be more real than they think.

This isn't a hook.
You know that by now of course.
How do you get stripped of your psychic healing talents...and why would someone do that as a punishment. Send the healer to read the slush pile would be truly cruel.


shannon said...

This is like one big giant hint. From my impression of this little description, Stray is in the vein of China Mieville's books, but it's hard to tell.

One tiny grammar point: "on the run" not "in the run"

jamiehall said...

What you're trying to explain here seems a bit too complicated for your rather short hook (I didn't count but it doesn't seem like 250 words). Everything you say seems to need a reason, but then you move on to the next point without giving a reason.