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The only time Juan had an audience was for his death. As he awaits six bullets from seven rifles, he pretends that the crowd is crying for mercy, but in his heart he knows better. Juan Paredes Manot, assassin and murderer, has one last surprise for them. Before he breathes his last, the crowd will turn on the soldiers, and Juan will be forever celebrated as a martyr.

Two years earlier, in Madrid:

A Mercedes swerves to avoid a parked car, and suddenly three hundred pounds of dynamite fling the car over a five-story church. Jose Carrero Blanco, the President and Prime Minister of Spain, is no longer available to succeed General Franco's fascist state.

Your hook starts here:
Idealist Nikolas Elorrieta, the Basque journalist covering the assassination, doesn't wonder how or why the event transpired--everyone in the country wanted Blanco dead. But when clues point toward a small group of passionate Basque activists who plotted the murder over a year-long period, Nikolas starts to question the ideals of the system he believed in throughout his life. Throughout the investigation, arrest, and trial of Juan Manot, Nikolas is forced to decide whether the young man will be presented as an international hero, or as a disgraced murderer. At the very least, the young man will have his story told.

Then Nikolas will choose his own such path.

THE BASQUE MARTYR is mostly based on true events, attempting to tell a story long forgotten, except by those who were there.

This isn't focused, specific or vivid enough to catch my attention. You need to tell us why this matters and "long forgetten" doesn't count.

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