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What if you took the best-selling male action hero and wrote him as the female protagonist in a chick-lit novel?

Thanks to his author, Pat Rock has toppled dictators, foiled train robberies in the Wild West, prevented alien invasions, and even solved the assassination of JFK. Now, thanks to his author’s wife, Pat will become Patty Cakes and have to face even bigger challenges. Bridal showers, PMS, and sitting to pee.

Pat won’t stand (or sit) for it. Instead of living a torrid romance with Ralph the bus driver, Pat rebels and steers the novel in a new direction. Enter the insidious plot.

Pat discovers that Maggie is having an affair with her twin sister’s fiancĂ©. It gets worse. This fiancĂ© is behind the mysterious death of Maggie’s husband. It gets worse. Madison (the other twin) planned that death. It gets worse…

Murder, fraud, and infidelity. Not your normal chick-lit tale. If Pat Rock were himself, he’d have this wrapped up by the end of the first chapter. But, he is not himself. He has a new author and a new persona. Instead of winning the day and getting the girl, he finds himself handcuffed to a pole and at the wrong end of a gun. Can the psyches of Pat and Patty work together to save their hides? Will Pat gain a newfound respect for women? Will he ever be able to stand to pee again? Read the 71,000 words of Baker’s Man and find out.



Virginia Miss said...

Hmmm. The writing flow very well.
Why is the author's wife "taking" her husband's protag and giving him a sex change?
Is the conceit here that the characters write the story for the author?
Or is this a self-conscious character, aware that the author is writing his/her story? If so, that makes the characters totally passive.
Or is this just a "romancing the stone" type of set up? In this case, just hook us on the story, not the "frame."

Michele said...

I like this idea, but found it a bit too hard to follow the adventures of "Patty". Would this work better as first person by the character?

For example:

I used to be a kick-ass hero named Pat. Foiling bank robbers was all in a day's work.

But now that Amy Author is writing the books, I've turned into Patty Cakes, my biggest problem is X, and my super-powers are failing.

BTW, have you considered changing the "guy" version of the name from Pat (a gender-ambiguous name) to something more clearly masculine?

Zany Mom said...

LOL. Seems like stuff my characters do. They always want something other than what I've so cleverly plotted. My fingers type, but stuff I didn't intend pops out. I can so relate to this, I'm still laughing.

But as far as having appeal to the general public? Not sure.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Miss Snark, please delete my other comment - I see the answer regarding Pat being a book character in the original post (reading is fundamental, eh? haha).

Why did the author's wife remake a character into a woman? How is it that Pat is imbued with the power to create/manipulate the plot, thus making him "real"? Who is Maggie?

None of this makes sense. Must be a joke...?

writtenwyrdd said...

Actually, I get this. Sounds funny and like I'd want to read it.

But, you might want to mention early on that the book's protag is a supposedly-fictional character.

Don't go overboard with the cute rhetorical questions, but don't lose that "it gets worse" stuff or sitting to pee. Snarfl.

The problem is that we don't know why there is such a stake in the story, if it is fictional. Unless the real world crosses over, it doesn't matter one lick.

What I think might help is if you fix "Now, thanks to the author's wife" and explain. Did author die and wifey gets to continue in his stead? I like that, btw, especially if she is the bitter, almost-ex wife who sets about destroying the ex-hubby's beloved creation, Pat. Pat fights back. Real world mixes with fictional as neo-author wifey writes a Mary Sue tale.

The only thing missing is an explanation of how the two worlds blur together.

Anonymous said...

This sounds absolutely hilarious! I can just imagine what would happen to one of my characters if my husband were to take up fiction writing . . .

Personally, I liked it.

Word verification: xmatv -- It's A Wonderful Life channel

annie said...

I hope you've read Jasper Fforde before getting into this one!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for those who commented and your suggestions. Some were really good. I figured I owe you each a quick answer.

I just want to preface and say the book is light, fun, and humorous with some suspense and action. Soemtimes it's tough to express everything in 250 words, but that's why I tried this...to learn. Thanks to Miss Snark for doig this whole thing.

Virginia Miss - Thanks for the compliment and suggestion. The premise is The authors wife is tired of the cliche male action hero, so she tries writing the character as a female (no sex change)to show her husband women are more than sex objects and action trophies. Pat is aware of the author change and rebels. Then the romance turns into the suspense plot instead. The male character is subconsciously trying to guide the female character, but she is fighting it. That's where I have my fun. Along the way, they discover the plot.

Michele - Yes! You are exactly right. I wrote it in first person for Pat! One minute he is in the middle of an action scene in his own book (full of male bravado just like you wrote) the next minute he is in the chick-lit story.

Zany Mom - I think you may be right. I had fun writing it (a break from other stuff), but I'm not sure how much public appeal it has. That's why I made sure it was light. Hopefully I can get it to work.

Rhonda - Not a joke, but it is humorous. Hopefully I cleared up some of your questions.

Writtenwyrd - Thank you for your kind words and your suggestions. Maybe I wrote one too many rhetoric. Everyhting you are mentioning in your comment is in the opening pages of my stroy, but it was hard to get it all in the 250. I'll have to work on it. I'll play around with your suggestion

Anonymous - Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

roach said...

This sounds like fun.

Inkwolf said...

My guess is that the wife was a partner/part owner of the comic book company and in the process of a nasty divorce, got custody of the superhero...and is now getting revenge on her husband. :p

Sounds like a fun book, and I'd read it, though I'm not a fan of the superhero genre.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

LOLOL - for the anonymous author, your explanation reeeeeally helps...thanks for clarifying!

Twill said...

Absolutely loved it, and I would buy it if it lived up to the query.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with this, author! Sounds like a fun idea, and it also sounds like you've done a good job with it. I'd definitely pick it up at a bookstore!