HH Com 506

At the end of World War II, Japan dumps biological agents in a Korean river including a hemorrhagic fever virus. Six years later a similar virus kills hundreds of American soldiers
fighting in Korea. An Ebola strain breaks out in 1989 near the nation’s capital. It kills hundreds of monkeys at an animal quarantine facility in Reston, Virginia. Although
spread by the wind, it does not infect humans. Seventeen years later CDC virologist Kristin St John goes to Mindanao to investigate monkey deaths on a tiny island. Expecting to
see the Reston strain of Ebola, she instead discovers the virus combines genes from the Korean and Reston types.

Kristin warns Colwin Lark, a CIA investigator, that terrorists might be able to weaponize the new strain, now called Ebola mindanao. Unknown to her, Rishad Zharmakhan, an
al-Qaeda operative with a PhD in virology, has already produced a far more lethal version of E mindanao.

As Zharmakhan prepares to manufacture the virus in quantity, Kristin and Colwin are having dinner. Putting together clues, she realizes missiles are on their way to take out Zharmakhan
and his lab. Kristin is horrified that an explosion might release the virus rather than destroy it. She convinces Colwin to abort the attack, but it’s too late.

Tropical winds spread hot aerosols containing the virus, now mutated into an even more virulent and robust strain. Hundreds, then thousands, than millions are dying. With no
vaccine and no cure, is the end of human kind finally at hand?

Just a guess here but...Kristin figures out a solution, right?

You're focused on set up here-how the virus came to be, but not on the actual story.


Anonymous said...

This disease-ecology scenario won't begin to work for anything as fragile as Ebola virus. You'll have to use a fungus like histoplasmosis.

writtenwyrdd said...

What bothered me was the use of Japan and WWII and linking them to modern day terrorism. It's too much of a coincidence.

dana p said...

It's a blast from the past: see HH Com 244(240) for more of the adventures of Kristin St. John and the Mindanao monkeys. That earlier entry contains the first page that goes with this hook.

No wonder Miss Snark has 600+ entries to wade through, with some people submitting multiple times for the same book.

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