HH Com 510

One long summer day, arctic archaeologist Jen Simmonds notices that the ocean next to her excavation site is dotted with patches of delicate periwinkle foam. The next, it's covered with it. By the third day, the beaches of Wales, Alaska, two miles away, are so thick with the stuff that the local children start shoving each other into drifts taller than they are and emerging, unharmed, with bits of foam clinging to their clothing.

Jen, convinced she is on the verge of an archaeological breakthrough, is too preoccupied to worry, even when local biologists decide that the foam may be alive and even when it starts turning up on beaches as far away as Australia. Disgusted with academic politics and irritated by the constant presence of her gaggle of undergraduate assistants, Jen finds a kindred spirit in environmental lawyer Joshua Rabin, who has taken a leave of absence from his Washington legal job to chase after an ill-conceived global warming suit against Big Oil.

But when the seafoam seems to be throwing the human and natural environment into disarray – first subtly and then anything but – the two are forced to confront the world they had tried to avoid. And Jen begins to believe that the past she is excavating may not be so long dead as she had imagined.

THE SEAFOAM FLATS is a gripping science fiction novel chronicling the death of one era, the birth of another, and the people caught in the crossfire. take that out-use "chronicles"

You're getting lost in the set up. Focus on the specifics. Jen discovers the seafoam is alive. Then what.


Anonymous said...

I've read the 510 hooks so far and multiple times have read the hooks with Miss Snark's positive comments. I haven't read one that would make me pant to read the pages. I'm sure there is some good writing in there, so I guess this just proves how difficult hooks are to create. I've just re-read the hook I spent a good 15 hours on, and I find it pitiful and wanting also. Happy Freaking New Year to All of Us.

Anonymous said...

"The Adventures of Jen and Joshua"--um--NO--again.

What is with everyone using same-letter names for their leads??? There is a whole big fun alphabet out there.

Leah said...

Are you trying to imply nanotech? That's what I read in this query.

xiqay said...

Hey, I live on a remote tropical island where they've just closed down a beach because they've discovered a 'new life form'--really I think they mean a new species or something, but you know how newspapers and stuff blow things out of proportion.

I find it hard to be so preoccupied with archaeology (or anything) that you wouldn't pay attention to periwinkle foam that it taking over.

And I'm pretty sure an attorney investigating a global warming case would be fascinated with something new and possibly environmentally hazardous (at least from a professional standpoint.)

So I just don't see these two trying to avoid the world.

Guess I hate that "ivory tower" scholar cliche. Oh and the absent-minded professor one, too.

Good luck.

Twill said...

Okay, so you've got a bloom of a new ocean flora. So what? It's nothing that a few million gallons of bleach wouldn't cure. Or a couple of moabs.

A Paperback Writer said...

I want to know what the seafoam is. That part sounds very interesting to me.