HH Com 515

Maria, savagely abducted as a young girl and forced to live a life much different than the one she was born into, is an old woman now. She hides her traumatic past from the world, and masking her true intentions, advertises a room for rent in her home. Many people are interested, but she is looking for somebody in particular.

Greg is a young man out of college, struggling with his broken past, uncertain about his future, and searching for a connection within himself. As he tries to build his life, a distant new job encourages him to find a different place to live, and he meets Maria, a kind-hearted, generous old woman with gentle wisdom and a large peaceful house.

The pleasant contrast from his current cramped, chaotic surroundings appeals to him, but there is something unsettling about the old woman that he can’t quite figure out. As his life begins to unravel, she offers the support and connection he has been searching for, and he slowly begins to trust her until its too late.

Part suspense, part spiritual adventure with a unique mixture of Native American and modern day cultures, The Room draws the reader into the lives of Maria and Greg, strangers in one sense, soul mates in another, to discover the path from fear to love they both share.

This is too generalized to be a good hook. Be specific. Don't worry about all the details, give us compelling characters in broad strokes and a sense of the conflict. What you've got here is set up. Give us the story.


Anonymous said...

Different from! Different from! Things are not different than other things, they are different from them!

Anonymous said...

I can see that this isn't a great hook, but it sounds like a great book!