HH Com 528

Em and Rin went through hell rescuing a petty thief named Pon, all in the name of money. Money they won't get until an alien egg hidden inside Space City Riler is handed over to a mysterious doctor. Trouble is, the egg hatches, and the sentient insect inside proves
itself a more valuable friend than any amount of money.

Soon after they discover the alien insect, soldiers from the tyrannical Powerwealth invade Riler, demanding an egg that no longer exists, and threatening to destroy the city if this demand is not met. Em and Rin are forced to choose between the safety of the city and the
safety of their new friend.

They choose the insect, but Pon will sacrifice anything in the name of money. He kidnaps the alien and vanishes into the chaos of the Powerwealth's assault. Em and Rin discover his treachery too late, and they're caught in the violent epicenter of a war. Worse, the
Powerwealth thinks Rin has the egg. Armed with their wits and the clothes on their back, Em and Rin must find their kidnapped friend and escape from a city taken hostage.

If only they realized the true significance of their egg-born friend…

This is scrambled.
Too many events, not enough focus, and how the F is anyone "armed with the clothes on their back" anyway??


Bartholomew von Klick said...

Scrambled like eggs. Mmm.

I kind of thought it was over hard, myself. :)

Virginia Miss said...

They need the egg man from HH 517

writtenwyrdd said...

The original paragraphs was interesting. AFter that, I got confused.

This could be a great SF plot, although not a new one. Keep at it.

Inkwolf said...

Sounds confusing, but potentially quite good, if you get it sorted out.

Anonymous said...

how the F is anyone "armed with the clothes on their back" anyway??

Think Macgyver.

Anonymous said...

And it's not egg-born; it's hatched!

Twill said...

Sigh. I followed this just fine. I just thought it was too many words for the amount of plot described.

Bartholomew von Klick said...

TY everyone. :)