HH Com 541

In a crowded nightclub in SoHo, Vincent Walker works up the courage to introduce himself to a beautiful stranger named Raine. Right away he realizes he will never be able to walk away from her. What he doesn’t know is she’s about to change his life forever – by ending it.

But death is not the end, and Vincent is changing. He is becoming Chosen, which is the ancient, formal name for the race otherwise known as vampire. Terrified, he tries to find Raine, but she has disappeared. During his search he is captured by the Council of Thirteen, rulers of the Chosen world. There he learns she has broken one of the Council’s oldest and most sacred laws; she has created another vampire without permission. Him.

Not wanting to risk one of their more valuable servants, the Council gives Vincent a choice. Either he finds her and brings her to justice, or he will be turned into a Lost One – a vampire unable to feed, yet unable to die, his body destined to rot and fester for centuries. With nothing left to lose, Vincent agrees, although he has no intention of fulfilling his part of the bargain.

But he is not the only one looking for Raine. Something else, something driven by a century-old vendetta, hunts them both. Vincent’s only hope is to find her first and disappear, but he is coming to embrace the evil inside him. Already he wonders if he will save her, or kill her himself.

Yea, those clubs in Soho really will be the death of you yet.
There's too much explanation. Focus and be specific.

I don't read enough vampire stories to know for sure but this doesn't sound too..pardon the word choice...fresh and new.


Dave said...

This sounds like the part of "Interview with the Vampire" that has Antonio Banderas in it.

A Paperback Writer said...

I like vampires, so I might just pick this up, but it didn't really grab me. Author, can you give it a little more punch? If it's dull, I'll put it back on the shelf.

Bella Stander said...

Are vampires now Jewish? Because the Jews are the Chosen. (See the Torah and Chaim Potok.)

Anonymous said...

'Scuse me, but there's a vamp video game with a "Raine" in it.


Also a rather awful vampire movie with a similar name to the chick in this hook.



I suggest the writer get out more. You can't spit in the lit world without hitting some vampy conclave, enclave, nightclub, or pot luck dinner full of fangsters playing politics.

puzzlehouse said...

I don't read enough vampire stories to know for sure but this doesn't sound too..pardon the word choice...fresh and new.

I have and it's not, sorry. Like a romance novel, a vampire novel can follow a formula and still be very successful, but it *must* have something that sets it apart from the thousand others on the shelf -- the writing and/or the characters and/or the setting.

Donna said...

There are a lot of vampire novels out there. And I haven't read too many.

Maybe if he hated Raine and was already searching for her to get revenge for her turning him? And so, when the council approaches him, he's willing to do it.

I suppose he could still end up falling for her and deciding to risk being a Lost One for her sake. But at least that would give the middle more conflict.