HH Com 544

Cricket fighting is a Chinese pastime with origins dating to the ancient Song dynasty. Like pit bulls or gamecocks, crickets fight to the death under controlled conditions. The action and violence of these spectacles lure hardcore gamblers to secret, high-stakes battles at the edge of the underground.

(your hook starts here)
Gregory K. is the reluctant kingpin of just such a skittering underworld and he wants out. He started as a simple exterminator with a fear of bugs but his failures at work and love drove him to find comfort in corruption. His jilted lover can save him - but she'll need to enlist the help of her stalker to do it and she'll have to extract Gregory from a subterranean lair brimming with infestation.

This is a comic novel right?
Cause there's no way to not think so with "skittering" "infestation" and "ex-exterminator" involved in cricket fighting.

This isn't a hook. Follow the XYZ formula.


Inkwolf said...

This one sounds odd enough to be interesting...

xiqay said...


Love the cricket fighting underworld.

Divine Bird said...

This makes me think of "Pest Control", which is one of the funniest books I've read recently. I would read this, if you clean it up. :)