HH Com 547

Dani never did find the love she’s been searching for her whole life. Instead she settled for being a good fuck to a long series of men. When she has an eerie premonition of her latest lover’s death and can’t even get him to stick around for a half hour, she knows she must rethink her life. His savage death is mistaken as an animal attack, but Dani sensed the evil in the air that night, and now more people are dying. She’s convinced the seemingly respectable family that recently moved to town are part of a cult and are behind the deaths. How is she going to get anyone to take her seriously?

Nick left everything behind one day, including his fiancé, to follow an unfathomable urge to simply go. He’s spent three months driving around the country searching for – something. When he arrives in Bailey Hills, he knows he’s finally in the right place. But the right place for what?

Rachel never thought she could lose her faith in God. After her husband is killed, and she develops a new compulsion to buy every antique black magic book she can lay her hands on, she begins to question her beliefs. Her fundamentalist parents ask her to leave their home, and Rachel finds herself in Bailey Hills. Can she regain her faith and figure out her new obsession with demonology in time to help Nick and Dani stop the evil from spreading?

This isn't a hook, it's a description of three characters. Start when they come together. What's the problem?

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Bella Stander said...

And leave out the f-bomb in line 1; use "good lay" instead.