HH Com 549

Martha Bannister didn't mean to make up a boyfriend, but with her marriage crazy mother hounding her and her smug sister's perfect wedding fast approaching, she felt backed into a corner. It was too easy – giving him a name (Kevin), telling her mother about his
annoying bathroom habits (which of course, she secretly found adorable), gossiping with her sister about his sweet moments of pure goofiness (much sweeter than her sister's fiancee). It was the perfect solution to an unsolvable problem – she was able to satisfy her family
without having to find a second-rate man that she could date until she managed to stumble across the real thing. And if she sometimes wished Kevin actually existed, it was only in her most maudlin moments –other than that, the situation was pure bliss.

(your hook starts here)
Most people call Martha "Martz." She's a 26 year old beauty editor who lives in New York, has brown hair and green eyes, and hasn't had a real date since college. And this morning, she woke up in bed with her imaginary boyfriend.

Develop this with more about what happens next and you've got something pretty funny.


xiqay said...

I remember being 26, with brown hair and green eyes. The dateless aspect didn't come until much, much later, though.

Cute idea. Is it humor or horror?

Good luck.

BernardL said...

I must admit, if your hook started where the Snark indicated, I'd have to thumb through a few pages.

Marcus T said...

If this hook intrigues you Mrs. Snark, go rent the movie Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston.

This just seems like a blatant ripoff of that movie, but I'm sure making up a boyfriend has been done in other work as well.

I would probably read this though, I can identify with her, despite being a man. During my freshman year of college, my whole floor thought I was making up the existence of a girl named "Karen" that went to Penn State. She actually did exist though, and the rumor stopped whenever she finally came to visit me in the spring.

A Paperback Writer said...

I usually want to retch at romance novels, but this one sounds quite palatable to me. Keep working on it.

Kiki said...

I agree with bernardl. That last paragraph would make me pick up the book and thumb through it at least.

Anonymous said...

has brown hair and green eyes ???
where'd THAT come from.

who cares. at least in a hook.

ellie said...

I'd buy this if I came across it in a store just 'cause of that last paragraph. I'm always looking for romances starring the endearing-but-slightly-off instead of cowboys, babies, and brides (*retch*). :-)

Anonymous said...

I give up. I just don't get it. This is fresh and new? I've seen this plot a million times, and I hate rom coms.