HH Com 550

Lainy Martin and Ethan "Bo" Bohannen are destined to meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. There's just one bump in the road to bliss: Lainy is dead.

But destiny isn't cheated so easily. As Lainy adjusts to her disembodied state, Bo finds himself drawn to a peculiar little hotel where she begins to haunt his dreams. Against all odds, a stubborn Fate is determined to bring these soulmates together--beyond the grave, if necessary.

Bo isn't the only one being haunted. Five other guests have been summoned too, people whose lives the happy couple was meant to touch. A misanthropic college professor. A retired preacher. A loving husband and wife. A young man who was literally born yesterday.
Unless the balance of Fate is restored, each of these lives will be blighted by Lainy's death. But to set things right, one of the five must die...

My novel, THE MIDNIGHT HOTEL, is a dark romance of might-have-beens that crosses traditional genre lines. It's a stand-alone novel but there's potential for a
sequel that follows one of the supporting characters.

Great first paragraph. Then you roll around in the roll call of characters and forget to tell us anything about what actually happens. Without that it's just smoke and mirrors.


Southern Writer said...

I'd read it. I love ghosts and stories that deal with fate. This one seems a bit like the book If Only it Were True mixed with a little of the movie Heart and Souls (I'd still like to know more about what happens in the hook).

Crystal Charee said...

Not to nitpick, okay, specifically to nitpick--If "fate is determined to bring these soulmates together" then it's not exactly "against all odds", is it?

Aside from that, the story sounds way cool. I'd read it.

MWT said...

This sounds like a really fun concept. Fate: "By golly I'm going to get destiny to work out according to my script - or else!" Mayhem ensues. :D

The Author said...

Many thanks, Miss Snark! By the time my number came up, of course, I'd learned a lot about hooks that I didn't know when I wrote this one. Reading all of them has been an education, both on how to write a hook and on the contents of an agent's slushpile.

I see now why it's so hard to write something that stands out from the crowd.

Southern Writer, I'll have to check out the book and movie you mentioned. I am a sucker for ghost stories and twist-in-fate or twist-in-time stories. Have you read Alan Brennert's Time and Chance? It's from 10-15 years ago at least, but it's a fave of mine. An accomplished actor with an unsatisfying personal life gets the chance to trade places with his might-have-been self, who gave up acting to marry his college sweetheart when she became pregnant. Both men get to travel their own Road Not Taken. Lovely stuff.