HH Com 574

How do you recover from the loss of a parent? (your hook starts here-->) After her mother dies, Manon Roberts retreats into the mystery novels written by her mother and can't seem to figure out how to live her life. Even sexy Thierry can't rouse her from her funk. Manon hopes that a trip to Paris will inspire her.

Instead, her mother's former friend Henri reveals sordid details about her mother's past. Manon is shocked into action. She chases through the back alleys and catacombs of Paris in a hunt to discover the truth about her mother, while dodging diamond smugglers and a Vespa-riding thug.

Can she trust Thierry to help her? In MYSTERIOUS PARIS, Manon discovers that everyone has something to hide.

Well, this hook is hiding a villain, and a plot. Bring on the Vespa riding thug to help us locate them.


Anonymous said...

We've read THIS one before in a previous Crapometer.

No way am I forgetting a weird name like Thiery for the-um-hero. No one seemed to like it.

Anonymous said...

"Vespa-riding thug" LMAO
That belongs in the Oxymoron Hall of Fame. If this book is tongue-in-cheek, I would read it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, bring on sexy Thierry. :)

I felt the hook was a bit unfocused as you mention in the beginning that Manon retreats into her mother's novels, but that just kind of drifts away and becomes 'a funk'. Do the novels have any real connection to the parts set in Paris? Not that you should be turning this into a literary mystery, but some kind of parallel between the novels and the stuff she's learning about the past could work really well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.... I'm thinking about it, but some people seem to like the name.

Matt... In a previous crapometer, he was riding a motorcycle, but Miss Snark said that Vespas are what they ride in Paris.

Pisica... There is a relationship between the novels and Paris. I suspect I should either focus on that relationship, or not mention the novels at al. Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

So the part I liked came direct from the mouth of Snark? Figures.

Anonymous said...

Question: why do so many authors seem to think that the solution to every single problem is a trip to Paris?

I am instantly bored the second I see "trip to Paris." Derivative!

McKoala said...

I love the name Thierry. I once knew a fine Frenchman called Thierry and he...oops, enough.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #2 - I can't speak for other people, but for me their are two reasons - #1 I lived in Paris for a year, and visited other times. #2 - I have a French guidebook (The Guide to Mysterious Paris) which I used for inspiration.

I have other books in mind with Manon and Thierry in other locations - Canada (far north) and Japan.

Anonymous said...

She can't figure out how to cope after her mother dies.

What ever happened to grief counseling?

(I hate when characters miss obvious answers that actually work. And then I'm supposed to care about them and their predicaments-but I don't.)

Anonymous said...

Thierry is a fine name, but it's one of those names that's going to be pronounced very differently in people's heads, depending on how Francophone they are. (French pronunciation is Tee-air-REE.) Of course, that didn't hurt Rowling any with Hermione.

Paris may be done to death, but the catacombs are an awesome setting for any part of a mystery. (Unless they've been done to death too... I don't know this genre.) Also, there may well be Harley-riding thugs in Paris, considering that Mickey Rourke and other American "tough guys" are cult figures there. But a Vespa's probably more practical.