HH Com 585


Sixty Seven Billion Dollars. Money lost by computer crimes in one year. Where does that money go? Who are behind it?

Mark Goode is a fast rising IT executive of a giant bank in London. It is 2002 and the times are bad. ‘Cut costs’ is the only mantra. The top bosses suddenly decide to implement the ‘greatest gift to bank kind’ software from an unknown company. Mark is almost threatened to help this company and he thinks everything wrong is about it; unknown roots of the company, their immediate violations of bank’s security policies and dubious background of its people. His former lover, Sonia Jacobs and his mentor Roland Huneke think Mark is getting batty and warn him about the dreaded ‘downsizing’. And after all, there could be no conspiracy in the geeky world of IT.

Mark uncovers the conspiracy, all right. It’s got do with the millions of ordinary customers of the bank. And their billions of dollars. But he makes a terrible mistake by telling about it to people working with him. Suddenly whoever knows about it starts dying. Mark has to choose, his life or the faceless millions of people’s money. But there is an insider; someone very high up, someone responsible for all the machinations; who spoils Mark’s every attempt to uncover the true identity of the company. And Mark does not know whom to trust…

Trust me. This are a mess.


Anonymous said...

Nice one author imo, but why set it in 2002? Does this relate to historical missing money? If so why not name the scandal? ;)

Anonymous said...

My guess would be that English is not the author's first language.

If English *is* the author's first language, then (s)he needs to swallow his/her pride and study some remedial grammar.

There are a some 'nuts and bolts' problems to be fixed here, before doing anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost on this one.

But, I am sure if you take Mrs. Snarks advice all will be well.

My advice try to clean it up a bit by taking some of the conflict out. I never thought I as a writer would ever suggest doing so but, I think it would do your story some good.

Good luck!

Cab Sav said...

I can see why the author chose 2002. It's just after the dot com bust. It was a different time back then, and everyone who had jobs was scared of losing them.

xiqay said...

This was written in a foreign language and translated into English by Babelfish.

That's my guess. Ame I right?