HH Com 587

Darion, an exiled prince turned mercenary captain, is embittered. He tries to avoid the scheming of nobles, preferring the simplicity of his soldiers' camaraderie. He battles against his rage and disappointment as much as for payment. Soon, he’ll learn why the sword can’t solve every problem.

Threatened by magical powers, the continent is rife with war and intrigue. Singled out by a prophecy as the True Heir, Darion seems destined to fight magic, but he doesn’t know how. Can steel match incantations? Darion learns the hard way there’s a thin line between bravery and recklessness.

Several factions, some from Darion’s homeland, vie for his services, all trying to exert influence and power for their own benefit. Despite his reluctance, he understands he must resort to machinations in order to survive. Should he warn his uncle, the floundering king, of treason, to bolster his hope for a pardon and an end to his exile? Or should he fight his country and his once beloved uncle? To be hailed as king would be the ultimate redemption, a yearning Darion suppressed for years. Yet his love for an ambitious woman, who has other goals, may clash with his plans.

Other men fit the description of the prophesied savior as well. Some raise armies, aided by powerful allies. Will the True Heir please rise?(oy)

This is amorphous blather.


batgirl said...

What ambition does the ambitious woman have that beats out Darion being king and thus, presumably, her being queen?
She's holding out for God-Empress?

writtenwyrdd said...

Sounds pretty generic after you wade through the vagueness.

Luc2 said...

After reading the 50 first hooks, I knew something like this was coming.
I guess I was too greedy, trying to use all 250 words to put in as much as possible. I'll focus.
Great learning experience, though. Thanks Miss Snark.