HH Com 603

80,000 words

“No secret can be kept, except by the grave.”
(Tanzanian folk wisdom)

When the body of Thadeus Karamaji, Dar es Salaam’s most despicable professor, is found under the tire of a colleague’s car, silence greets his murder. But some secrets reach beyond the grave.

Haunted by her own husband’s death in Tanzania years before, anthropologist Sarah Bedford has returned to bury her past. Now, driven by her friendship with Karamaji’s widow, she risks her new life to unearth the truth – both about Karamaji’s murder and her ownpainful history.

Sarah collides with Gideon Bazuka, the hard-working Tanzanian detective assigned to the investigation. Ordered by corrupt superiors to make the problem disappear, Bazuka labors to close a murder no one wants solved. In their search for answers, Sarah and Bazuka struggle with their diverse cultures, traditions, and expectations, often joined only by a shared sense of justice.

But justice isn’t always straightforward. Extramarital affairs, a blackmail operation, and enough victims of Karamaji’s backstabbing to fill several graves. Who didn’t want him dead and his secrets buried? Colleagues, girlfriends, crooked politicians, and even his wife had motive.

Under blistering African skies, Sarah and Bazuka face death while tracking a killer through Dar es Salaam’s winding streets and dusty neighborhoods. Will their
pursuit lead them to the grave?

Ditch everything in red. And give us something other than the usual hardworking detective beset by higher ups and multiple motives. Even in Tanzania, that's old hat.

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