HH Com 604

Blood in rain. Corpses in an alley. A smoking gun in a frightened man's hand. Max can't help but wonder how the hell he got into this mess.

The answer, of course, is True Love. What other good reason could there be for killing not just one but four people mere hours after having picked up a gun for the first time in one's life? It doesn't matter that True Love was first spotted through an open window making out with another woman. It doesn't matter that True Love in makes porn movies for a living. Nor does it matter that True Love turns very expensive tricks for nefarious clients on the side.

All that matters is that True Love disappeared after scrawling one last, desperate note to be delivered under a loaf of garlic bread, along with keys to a brand new convertible and a warning to head for Alaska as quickly as possible.

Max, however, has other plans. He's not going anywhere until he finds out the truth about what happened to his True Love and brings her back alive. Besides, he's a writer, so he knows that all fairy tale love stories must end with the hero and heroine living happily ever after together… don't they?

Sex. Violence. A steamer trunk.

"Blue." It's a fairy tale.

oh yea.

Why this works: it's got energy. It's funny in a sardonic way. It breaks every rule with a sneer. What's not to love.


Anonymous said...

I liked this, too. Very sexy and adult. I'm already reaching for my wallet to buy this.

Stacia said...

I usually avoid books with writer hero/ines like the plague, but this sounds really fun.

Virginia Miss said...

Great tone.

I like "delivered under a loaf of garlic bread" and "Sex. Violence. A steamer trunk." and "it's a fairy tale."

Fix your typo "True Love IN makes porn movies"

Anonymous said...

I read "Max" and "True Love" and thought of the Princess Bride and was distracted the rest of your query.

Just so you know.

BernardL said...

'What's not to love.'

Just about everything in this hook, including the way I tripped over the 'True Love' sentences. Congratulations anyway.

Aprilynne Pike said...

Wow. That was impressive. I love it!!!!

susan said...

Yeah, it works. It does present a neat and subtle hint at some great adventure.

Anonymous said...

I loved the last few paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

bernadl - I think the author intended for you to trip over the True Love sentences. I thought it was a neat trick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is how it's done. The story itself isn't that unique, really. If the hook were written any other way, it would be just another one of the mediocre hooks we've seen in the CoM.

This is wonderful and I'm ready for hardcover. Great job!

good luck.