HH Com 82

Why would anyone use a tennis racquet as a murder weapon? When a producer of how-to videos tries to answer that question, she ends up playing a deadly game.

(hook starts here)
Hallie’s up to her visor in cutthroat competition on the tennis club team. After a teammate is murdered with a racquet, the police accuse Hallie’s cousin of delivering the final stroke in a grudge match. Hallie suspects her cousin’s husband of framing his wife, but when he comes up with an alibi as tight as a tennis pro’s tush, she searches for someone else to cast as the murderer. Meanwhile, she battles anxiety over driving, legacy of the crash that widowed her a year ago.

Her sleuthing roils the waters in her Chesapeake Bay town. She clashes with an old flame, a new flame, and a hunky tennis pro, each with a hidden agenda. Targeted when she’s most vulnerable, behind the wheel, she avoids a potentially fatal accident in a sabotaged car. Another attempt on her life convinces her that someone close to her has a secret script—“How to Get Away with Murder.” Unless she rewrites the ending, she’ll be the next victim. Alone with a murderer who has switched from racquets to guns, Hallie has only one weapon, the one that killed her husband. But does she have the courage to use it?

The audience for The Murder Racquet, first in a proposed series, includes traditional mystery fans and tennis players. Thanks for considering this query.

These kinds of cozy mysteries only work well when they are funny. Not Carl Hiassen funny but Jill Churchill or Elaine Viets funny.

You've got the form for the hook down but the novel itself is something I see five days a week.
You need a talking poodle or something.


Anonymous said...

How about a talking "tennis racquet."

HawkOwl said...

Agatha Christie already did a murder by tennis racket and frankly I'd rather re-read hers than start on yours. Though if yours stayed closer to hers and didn't get so hi-jinxy with the car sabotage etc, and if it was short and the tone was pleasant, I'd read it. You go in my "almost" pile.

Then again, I haven't had much sleep.

Anonymous said...

I don't read mystery, but I thought this one had ten times more potential than the Australian cruise one.

Sonarbabe said...

I don't know, I think killing someone with a tennis raquet is kinda funny. Sorta like how Steven King used a toaster in a tablecloth in, The Langoliers. Sure, it wasn't meant to be funny, but I laughed my booty off anyway.

I'm not much of a whodunnit kinda girl, but the hook kept me reading instead of skimming. Nice.

Janette Rallison said...

Forget the talking poodle, try a falling naked ferret. I think Miss Snark liked those.

Good luck, I sort of liked the tennis racket as a weapon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a cozy mystery fan, but I'd give this one a whirl. The light-handedness and humour makes me believe you'd deliver a rollicking read.

Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

My favorite murder weapon is the leg 'o lamb in the Roald Dahl story "Lamb to the Slaughter."

Virginia Miss said...

I think this hook is very well written. You clearly present the setting, situation, and conflict.

I love "up to her visor," "final stroke in a grudge match," and an "alibi as tight as a tennis pro's tush."

Good luck getting this published. I'd buy it.
Keep in mind that, as good as Miss Snark is, other agents have different tastes, and you'll find one who likes this type of cozy.