HHCom 23

“By 2100, Mount Vesuvius will certainly repeat its most dramatic performance, the
infamous eruption of 79 AD.”
- 32nd World Geological Conference, 2003

Volcanologists agree that subtle warning signs should provide sufficient notice to evacuate the three million people living around Vesuvius. But what if someone or something had the power to conceal the warning signs and sabotage the escape routes?

If recovering alcoholic Andy Faulkner believed that his life would slow down after he quit drinking, he couldn’t have been more wrong. In Rome, Andy witnesses the murder of a priest. The dying man hands him an ancient medallion identical to one Andy previously found hidden in his luggage. What purpose do these medallions serve, and are they somehow connected to the nightmares that suddenly plague him?

As he is hunted by an assassin determined to retrieve the medallions, Andy uncovers their sinister origins. He also learns of the CIA’s program to extract information from our enemies’ dreaming minds, and of a dimension that is linked to our world through our dreams. The dimension is ruled by a demon that, when Vesuvius erupts, will breach his dimension and initiate the apocalypse. A group loyal to the demon has infiltrated the Vesuvius Observatory, concealed warning signs, and sabotaged escape routes. Unbeknownst to the residents of Naples, time is running out. Is it still possible to defeat the demon and save the world from apocalypse?

Dream War, a thriller, weaves together Roman history with modern-day, dark fantasy...

I cannot tell you how sick I am of dead priests and dying clues. They are worse than yesterday's news, they are derivative.

There's no hook here. There's a rundown of the plot. You have one good sentence; I italicized it.

You've also got the cart before the horse by talking about the eruption of the volcano first.


Crystal Charee said...

I like the italicized sentence, and the part about the CIA getting info from dreaming enemy minds. Although, if we have the techonology or magicology, you can bet they have it too...

HawkOwl said...

"Derivative" is right. It sounds like the sequel to The Omen meets Da Vinci Code.