A littel musical interlude as we wait for the appointed hour

Snark’s Crap-O’Meter is Coming to Town
by Dee Power

Oh, You’re casting your hook
Its gonna be great.
The prose of your book
will dangle the bait.

Snark’s Crap-O’Meter is Coming to Town

Reading those words
she determines your fate.
Snag her interest
or in the slush you wait.

Snark’s Crap-O’Meter is Coming to Town

She sees you when you’re telling
and your sentences run on.
Your grammar and your spelling
should be good or you’ll be gone.

So.. your voice should be clear
your syntax in place.
The deadline is near,
and you pick up the pace.

Snark’s Crap-O’Meter is Coming to Town

Killer Yapp is getting fed up
He knows you’ve lost your touch
And that your word count’s made up
This could get mighty rough.

You better back out; you better not close
Better say no to those troubles and woes.

Before Snark’s Crap-O’Meter rips you to shreds.


Anonymous said...

I'm not scared. Miss Snark's a honey really. Her Snark's worse than her bite.

M. G. Tarquini said...

It occurs to me that I should get all my g-mailing done early. The entire system is likely to crash in less than an hour and a half.

Has anybody alerted the Office of Homeland Security?

Killer Yapp said...

The Cyberian Poodle Posse is on the job

cm allison said...

m.g. t: are you making sure to put either brandy or rum in that eggnog? Since I'm at my 8 to 5, i'm safe, but the rum (or tequila) will be flying fast post hitting "send"

Rei said...

I have butterflies. I've never been snarked before. Should there be smelling salts nearby to resuscitate me?

Marti said...

Is the e-mail to send to

misssnark at


miss.snark at

miss.snark. at
The post showed it as miss (dot)snark(dot)

Oh hell, I am sending to all of them - LOL

A Paperback Writer said...

I like the song. Maybe I'll use it the next time I assign essays to my 9th graders.

katiesandwich said...

This is freaking hysterical.

cudd said...

It's nice that I can always count on your blog to make me smile, ^-^