Miss Snark Loves Santa!

But the poor old guy really is overworked AND I hear he's on deadline for a prescriptive non-fiction tome "HOW TO INFILITRATE HOMES AND STEAL COOKIES" (most likely represented by Kate Epstein but she's been mum about it)

So, if your shopping list extends to autographed books and you don't want to leave the comfort of your armchair, let alone leave the house during the upcoming crapometer, you might get some value from this: Great Books For A Great Cause which links to an online auction for books that benefits the First Book program. The direct link is here

Thanks to the R. Writer for the info


Kate Epstein said...

I'm not saying...but I WILL say that IF Santa had an agent he'd certainly need a Jewish one....

Anonymous said...

Of course Kate . . . anything else would be a conflict of interest.