Miss Stark Whips out her Dic

Dear Miss Snark:

While my agent has been sending my manuscript out to editors, I have continued to build my resume - I write fiction, so I prefer not to use platform. (1) I have been very successful in getting my short stories published in literary journals, both in print and online, academic (2) and independent, two in the last month. Also, I am now on the road again giving seminars on a side businesss to Friends of the Library and other community organizations ( I have degress in history). I am booked for three already for the new year. Is this something I should tell my agent about?

(1) "prefer not to use platform" doesn't make sense. In publishing lingo platform is something you have like credentials. You wouldn't say "I prefer not to use credentials" either. I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to tell me here.

(2) academic journals don't publish short stories. Journals published by University presses can and do but those aren't considered academic journals. Academic journals are where they parse out the influence of TS Eliot on Stephen Elliot.

None of this really matters because your question is "should I tell my agent I'm out and about in the world giving talks".

This is absolutely unanswerable because every agent will respond according to what they want you to do. Ask your agent: "I'm giving talks on Snarkism in Space. Do you want me to keep you updated"?

I prefer to know all. That does not mean your agent will. Ask her/him/it.

There will be a vocabulary quiz later.


Anonymous said...

The title of this post wins My Favorite Title Contest by a landslide. I'm speechless. Probably because I'm choking ...

magz said...

Hmm, an off=the-wall question and a very good answer MS!
Neither one holds a candle to the title of this post: you are the Snark's Bark.

When (if) I grow up, I want to be Miss Snark's ernest and bubbly little sister!

Anonymous said...

The questioner didn't say "academic journals," he/she asked about "literary journals" that are academic. There are hundreds of academic literary journals put out by college English departments. Some are more or less vanity publishing for students at that school. Others, like Conjunctions (Bard College) and Ploughshares (Emerson College) publish first-rate literary fiction.

delilah said...

"whips out her dic"

Kill me now!

Ryan Field said...

Only Miss Snark can get away with this...if I whipped it out I'd get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

"... whips out her..."

There's a lot of stuff under the surface here but, considering the author, I don't want to think about it. Roll it out, fool...I mean girl...I mean...