POD people

Hi and I'll be quick, I know your busy. Okay..I did a POD book but would still like a real agent/publisher.Can I submit a hook for it, or just a new book?

You can submit a hook for any book you'd like.


Anonymous said...

But if you want to be a writer, learn the difference between your and you're

Anonymous said...

And while you're at it, learn the use of a semi-colon.

Alphabet said...

I wonder if the anonymous above means semicolon, or of, in his/her petty rush to correct the questioner, she or he forgot that he or she is in no position to throw stones? (I love it when those who correct others turn out to be themselves barely literate , which happens so, so often - also, I have a theory that the most gifted writers get, but don't really care about, the rules).

Different_anonymous said...

Eh...the anonymouse was hardly illiterate, alphabet. Slinging around insults that aren't warranted was what you were attacking him for, wasn't it? Yeah; don't you just love it when those who correct others turn out to be making the same error themselves?

I spotted three errors in the anonymouse's posts (one of which is minor) and five errors in the POD author's letter (one of which is minor). So far, the anonymouse is ahead.

Anonymous said...

Alphabet, by "of" did you mean "if," or in your "petty rush" to attack the previous poster, did you simply make a typo?

Don said...

Wow, I had never realized that there's no hyphen in semicolon (although it's also not a word that I've ever written before this sentence). For added fun, "semi-colon" won't upset your spell checker either.

I guess I learned something today.

Round John Virgin said...

You folks need to stop wearing burlap thongs--or whatever else it is that's making everyone so cranky.

It's the Holidays. Be happy!

Alphabet said...

I made a typo - which happens to everyone, even Miss Snark; putting a hyphen in 'semicolon' is illiterate; being illiterate doesn't matter; being a hypocrite does; I was calling anonymous on hypocrisy.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Guys, insulting each other really isn't necessary here, is it? The questioner wanted to make it fast. It was a good, relevant question. Lay off, will you?

Save your slings and arrows for the crapometer. That's where they will be useful. Of course, if you wanted to try your hand at some constructive criticism, rather than this demeaning and patronizing "who's the real writer" stuff, that may prove even more useful to the submitters. We're all writers here, and some of us are nitwits as well.

I don't mean the questioner, either.

different_anonymous said...

putting a hyphen in 'semicolon' is illiterate

"Illiterate" is an adjective describing someone unable to read or write. That's clearly not the case for the anonymouse.

Another definition of "illiterate" is that it's synonymous with "ignorant".

So basically, you're just being insulting.

I fail to see why you pointing out that "semi-colon" is incorrect is any better manners than the anonymouse pointing out that the original letter-writer should have used "you're".

I fail to see how calling the anonymouse illiterate is any better manners than implying the letter-writer is not a real writer.

being illiterate doesn't matter; being a hypocrite does

Yeah. That's why I'm calling you out.

Matt said...

Geez, who's been pissing in the lemonade?

HawkOwl said...

Speaking of semis, did you know that "semi" describes the trailer, not the tractor? I bet not. You illiterate ignorami!

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't anyone going to open up the POD can of worms--and the unlikely chance that an agent will take on a self-published POD book (which I assume this one is)?

Anonymous said...

Can I just say I love the name 'round john virgin'. It made me laugh. laughing's good for you. I feel better already.

Minty Fresh

Kim said...

Ok, ok, time to step back and take a deep breath. Do you realize you're fighting over semicolons? Don't make me separate you. It's the holidays - you know, peace on earth, goodwill towards man. Now, take a deep breath and repeat after me -


Round John Virgin - you almost made me snurk on my Pepsi, which would NOT have been a pretty sight. Still, thanks for the laughter. It was sorely needed.

Hawkowl, thank you as well for the laugh - it isn't often I get to see the words illiterate ignorami and for some reason, they made me laugh. I don't know - maybe I'm just real frickin' tired.

And to top it off, my word ver -


I believe this is something that affects poodles of either Russian or Swedish descent.

and since blogger ate my first comment, my new word is driex. Sounds like a new deodorant...

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to those above who argued over who was more literate. You have reminded me why I previously avoided writing-oriented websites (along with critique groups). Unpublished writers would get along better if they could attack publishers and not each other. But then, everyone wants to be in the publishers/editors' gang, not in the unpublished writers guild.

Swordswinger said...

At the risk of putting even more backs up...I don't think 'attacking' publishers is likely to be any more helpful to anyone concerned than attacking writers. Nor is it helpful considering publishers and editors (and, by association, published writers) as some sort of 'gang' who have it in for the unpublished. Sounds a tad too much like the kind of crapola spouted out by PublishAmerica, to me. Getting published by a reputable publisher is hard. It takes work. It takes the capacity to submit, and get rejected, and polish, and get better, and keep submitting, and carry on despite having enough rejection letters to paper the Albert Hall. OK, yes, we all know about ghost-written celebrity 'auto'biographies, and about the various other less-than-wonderful books that are published but let's face it, some people like that stuff, which is why it gets published.

Also, avoiding writing-orientated websites and critique groups does not seem to me to be the best way of getting a perspective on one's own work, but then, I may be prejudiced. They both sure as hell helped me, and without them I doubt I would now have had short stories published in several reputable magazines and a very good agent for my first novel. Not because they gave me an 'in' or taught me the secret Publishers' Handshake, but because they helped me improve my work and kept me away from scam artists.

Just my two penn'orth, as ever.

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