Stop it!
You've written your hook.
You'll send it.
Stop worrying if 100 words without a synopsis is better than 250 words with.
It is what it is.

I'm going to read it.
I'm going to comment on it.

You'll survive.

Now, dammit, drink some gin, pat your damn dog and go read a good book.
Here's a suggestion.


inherwritemind1 said...

"Company Man": Nice hook! 182 words.

Rashenbo said...

So... anyone care to wager on how many emails Miss Snark is getting over the crapometer?

Do we count them by the day, hour or minute?

KC said...

Thanks, Miss Snark. I needed that.

Kelley Bell said...

I just keep telling myself, you are not really a snarkly stiletto wearing New York Agent, but are really just a retired recluse librarian from Iowa, known by the local farmers as "That crazy ol' cat lady who blogs."

(Down Yap! Down! OUCH......)

S. W. Vaughn said...

Ooooh, good suggestion! :-) I'm on Joe Finder's newsletter. He's always having really cool contests. Once, I won a Killer Instinct water bottle.

I'll second the recommendation, for what it's worth. Good stuff!

The Rentable Writer said...

That was most refreshing.
I, too, needed it.

Anonymous said...

Aw fuck, now I have to go back and put those 150 words back in! LMAO! Actually, this is like a big party. I needed to take a break from the book anyway, and putting it down for a couple weeks to screw around with this hook has been refreshing. Miss Snark, this next part isn't for you, so if you wouldn't mind turning your back, thanks.
I've been to several sites where the authors that post there claim to be serious about their work, but this place takes the cake. It's pretty cool to see everyone else fret. My misery loves your company. If only we could all be published, rich, and famous, I'd be a happy man. See you guys in the inferno.

Poohba said...

Okay. Okay. I did need to hear that.

*Poohba takes a deep breath and steps away from the keyboard*

See you Friday.

LadyBronco said...

I think all of us who are seriously considering putting ourselves on the like for the COM needed to hear that!

I walked away from mine earlier today, and I am not going to look at it again until it's time to email it to Miss Snark.

Kate said...



what if it's one word off from perfect?!?!?!

Okay, okay, I get the hint.

*deeeeeeeep breaths*

I'm a college student. Time to get drunk!

I'll not look at it MUCH until Friday

Jocasta said...

Well I'm too much of a chicken to submit... especially since English isn't my mother tongue so I wouldn't want to be the cause of Miss Snark setting her hair on fire yet again over my spelling... However, below is a quote to congratulate all the brave ones out there who've agonised over their hook, who'll submit it and await their burning at the stake:

"What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure."
Samuel Johnson

Alley Splat said...

God, she's good. Superb timing Miss Snark, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I utterly admire the snarkling a few posts down the blog who has refined their hook to 84 words. That's a skill I need to learn.

I have spent over a week trying to make mine 1) remotely interesting; and 2) fit the maximum.

Every time I managed 1), I blew out on 2).

My latest attempt which nearly satisfies both criteria is 253 words. If I wake up tomorrow happy with that, I am hoping Miss Snark will forgive my 3 extra words.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone would be silly enough to wreck their chances because they were wedded to 3 extra words. What part of "I'm going to be ruthless because I can" do you not understand? 253 isn't 250, so she won't pick your hook.