Run up to the Crapometer-FAQ updated

In case anyone is interested, the FAQ for the upcoming Happy Hooker Crapometer is updated to version #5.


Anonymous said...

Good Gawd, MS!

You've given me 7 different Crap-O-Meter postings to afflict! How is a poor lunatic nitwit like myself to make any decision!

You've finally innoculated yourself against me Miss Snark... I'm dithering now... dithering... dithering...

JPD (ebbing back towards the dank and musty blog-o-sphere from whence he came...)

Kel-Bell said...

Take a chill pill gang. The crap o Meter is just edu-tainment.

Submit, read, bleed, learn and laugh.

Miss Snark even tells us in her FAQ, she never uses these.

Inhale and type: Z-E-N

We shall all live to publish another day.

ORION said...

I have really bad news for you all.
I just received my author information packet from my publisher and started to fill it out.


"Please write 200 -250 words to help us describe your novel to others"

(sound of screaming ... pounding feet...head banging)

It never ends...

Zany Mom said...

But Orion, you should be in good shape because you polished your hook for the crap-o-meter? ::ducking and running::

I may have to submit several versions...I don't know. Short and sweet, or the full 250?

Ah, decisions, decisions. ;)

You didn't think they'd hire someone to write the back jacket copy, did you?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Gads, I swear, I think Miss Snark is in cahoots with my travel agent. I was thrilled to discover I'd be home to submit my hook. Now, I find out if she wants to read the first few pages (750 words) they will have to be submitted by Sunday. I'll be in Jamacia, then Mexico, then the Caman Islands. I won't be home until the 23rd.

Banging head against keyboard.


Anonymous said...

CJ- are your 750 words done? Perhaps find someone who can monitor the blog and send the 750 on your behalf, if it's requested?

Anonymous said...

Ah, that is the big "IF," huh? If it's requested. I'll see if one of my online friends will do that for me.