Samuel Greenberg, age two, remembering

Miss Snark,

I just made a donation to First Book in memory of Samuel Greenberg. Seemed to me a good way to pay my respects to a grieving family, honor a young life, and help another child who may not be as fortunate as Sam Greenberg and his brother Nico. I’d heard about the tragedy from a writer who is repped by Jim Levine. I didn’t know the horrific details, including the child’s tender age. Thank you for posting the article.

I'm right behind you.


Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for this man. I lost my only child when he was 2 1/2 to a heart defect. The pain is beyond description.

Anonymous said...

The First Book idea is excellent. Great suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I gather the family has asked for gifts to the educational alliance where Sam attended school:
The Samuel Carr Greenberg Memorial Fund of The Educational Alliance, where Sam went to

Checks should be payable to The Educational Alliance and mailed to
The Educational Alliance, 197 East Broadway, New York, NY 10022,
>Attention: Development Department.