We've hit a snag

Google mail will not let me send more than 300 messages in a day.
I found this out the hard way.

Needless to say some of you are chomping at the bit.
I've replied to 443 of you.
There are 233 unread messages.

It's going to take a whole helluva lot longer to do this than I thought so just be patient.

I will NOT be able to return any email till tomorrow so try not to worry.


Divine Bird said...

Whoo! More time to make sure our pages are good! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fell asleep just before the starter gun - we're five hours ahead - and the email failed this morning so mine's the tortoise way back yonder, probably no.676.

Loving the HHC so far, so thank you for this present.

Anonymous said...

Under the heading: What the Hell Was I Thinking? - even the exalted Miss Snark doesn't learn from her mistakes.

676! What a way to spend the week before Christmas.

Poor Miss Snark. Wonderful Miss Snark. The embodiment of the spirit of Christmas. Hope Santa is good to you and that you get a chance to spend time with George in the new year.

xoxo a snarkling

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't blame Miss S if she bailed out of this. Hope she doesn't though.

Intravenous gin might be in order?

Anonymous said...

You could open up a second gmail account (maybe miss.snark2@gmail) and send out 300 more.

That is, if your fingers don't fall off first.

Anonymous said...

Statistic Projection
4.3 minutes/hook
300 hooks/day (gmail limit)
1287 minutes/day to handle hooks/day
21.4 hours/day to handle hooks/day

Where 4.3 minutes was obtained by averaging the time delta between the first 60 postings, dropping those over 10 minutes when Miss Snark must have taken a break.

Anonymous said...

Potential solution--set up a new gmail as misssnark1 or equivalent, just for the purposes of this exercise?

-a not-impatient but solution-oriented snarkling

ORION said...

After only reading 50, I am having more and more sympathy for my agent...heck for ALL agents...

A Paperback Writer said...

I've read everything so far and it feels a lot like grading essays at the end of the term (which reminds me: I've got a pile to do now!).
Miss Snark, I feel your pain and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah open up another email so that you can get this done and I can send in my 750 words.

I got this in the bag...fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

Wow. Bless you, MS.