Woe is You; Form email yet again

Sorry about that.

167 of you got the dreaded form email.

I'm hosing out the mail in anticipation of the crapometer.

There are a few questions left that I'll answer in the next couple days.

Hold off on sending anything non-COM till after we finish the Crapometer. Miss Snark may leap tall buildings in a single bound in her red cape, but she only leaps one a day.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry Miss Snark. We promise to send the most moronic questions we can think of as soon as the crapometer is over.

Meanwhile, I'm dusting myself with fairy dust to make myself invisible so I can lurk more effectively.

XOXOXO A Snarkling

Kim Stagliano said...

I am sending a Fukuoku to Miss Snark to help her relax after the Crapometer event. (Pathetic, thinly veiled attempt to get you over to my blog to read about the Fukuoku "personal massager" and enjoy some levity today.)

Ryan Field said...

So I guess my question about #9 envelopes won't be answered.

Greta LaGarbeaux said...

Okay, I'm putting this link about research on what kind of readers like what kind of mysteries into a comment because it's just too danged interesting (and useful for writers!) to hold back for the duration of COM:



"People who have lower levels of self-esteem prefer crime and detective stories that confirm their suspicions in the end, while those with higher self-esteem enjoy a story that goes against expectations. "

"“People with low self-esteem like to feel they knew all along who committed the crime, probably because it makes them feel smarter.” (the researcher said)
But everyone seemed to enjoy mysteries where there were no strong hints of how the story would end, the study found."

"Overall, Knobloch-Westerwick said, mysteries probably appeal more to people who enjoy thinking more than average."

angrylil'asiangirl said...

wow -- an ability to dance daintily on the tops of bald-headed veeps and, as we learn now, the ability to leap over tall buildings -- all while wearing stilettos?

so long as she's not making the leaps through the sky-line with ky bounding alongside her on a leash (who knows what an un-trained -- or well-trained, for that matter -- dog will release when pressed with the urge), i shall remain way impressed with and admiring of miss snark's snarkerrific talents.

Anonymous said...

brain - in working order
hook - with a juicy worm on it
computer - mine
schedule - cleared
job - quit
trip - cancelled
power generator - installed
food supplies - bought
Clooney and Pitt - invited
deodorant - check
kids, husband - placed
other mammals - adopted by the kind
Xmas tree - postponed
Chanukha - spelling problems
outfit - Craponista worthy
pages - combed till bloody eye syndrome
life - on hold
tissue - ready
Outlook - crapolorammadingdong!