Adios dos uno dos, hola Iberia!

Dear Miss Snark,
I was recently in Madrid, Spain and saw this billboard and thought of you. For an idea of how LARGE this actually is, use the red BUS at the bottom of the photo for reference. Our hotel was right around the corner and every time we passed by my husband and I would call out "Hola, George!" (there was also a very cute Nescafe commercial with him in it on Spanish and Portuguese TV)



Brady Westwater said...

Anyone can look good when they're not wearing green flippers...

Dave said...

This canary has got a frame
(She can chirp)
And some high-jiver
knows her name
(Digs his vine)
Cats all friskin' their
(Jam is on pops)
I collar all jive, give me five
(Now you dig, alive)
So I know you're alive
In the dim you've arrived

(credit to The Manhattan Transfer
The Offbeat of Avenues
where we all arrive,
sooner or late-ah)

Me Be Free Someday... said...

He sure is aging well. Yes indeedy.

Anonymous said...

How funny! I took a pic of this same billboard when I was in Madrid a couple weeks ago, thinking to send it in to Miss Snark. But it didn't turn out-- it was too close up, and really wasn't impressive without a better sense of scale. Yours is much better. :)

Anonymous said...

Hola, Jorge.

kitty said...

The Clooney ad, with pictures and music and those bedroom eyes of his.

Anonymous said...

For shame, George! I love your acting, and your work on behalf of Darfur, but did you have to go and spoil it all by shilling for a horrible company? An intelligent man like you should know about the Nestlé boycott (for hawking infant bottle formula to mothers in poor countries, instead of letting them breastfeed) and the problem with multinationals in general. I wish I had a link for you, but I'm sure there's plenty of info if you look. And please do. We all love our idols to be beautiful beneath the skin as well!

Kanani said...

Well, now. That's a lotta George!

Jessica said...

FYI, this very lovely billboard is also on the Rue Rivoli in Paris. You can catch the ad on the BBC. Two more helpful options for George-viewing.